Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 4, 2018

PM cozies up to catch reflected glory.

Breitbart reports that Australia’s spineless idea void – that is to say, Prime Minister  Malcolm Turnbull, recently said nice things about Donald Trump.

Personally I have a very good relationship with him, I have to say that while we have a good personal relationship, the US-Australian relationship is so strong and it is grounded frankly in the relationships of millions of Australians and Americans over a long period of time.

‘Very good relationship…’ With all due respect, Prime Minister, who do you think you’re fooling?

On a scale from Merkel to Trump, you don’t have to shift too far from Mutti before you bump into Mal.

Australians see through Empty* and I’m sure PDJT also had his number from the start. Even before Turbull’s mocking of Trump was leaked to the public.

You’re not laughing any more…

Turnbull’s praise for Trump is all about standing near a winner. Put yourself in the right place at the right time, it can almost look as if they know you and respect you.

Okay, skip the respect part of that. The best Turnbull could expect from Trump is tolerance. But the Prez can see past the leader to the people:

On behalf of President Trump and the people of the United States, I am thrilled to congratulate the people of Australia as you celebrate Australia Day on January 26, 2018…The United States and Australia share deep bonds of friendship that are truly unique.

As you celebrate Australia Day, know that the people of the United States celebrate with you as your friend, partner, and ally.

Turnbull managed to boot his popularity up a couple of rungs over the holiday break. He acheived this by repeated applications of STFU, breaking out only once to talk about Australia becoming – oh, jeez, Malcom, that again? – a republic.

There’s a conversation he could have with Trump about that, too.

*Malcolm Turnbull – MT  – Empty.

So elegant. So concise. So bull’s eye.


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