Born in Melbourne, now resident on the west coast.

Perth is a long way from anywhere else. Of course, it’s got its bad points, too.

But still within reach of email. greg@gregoryno6.com

Art and T-shirts are on the back shelf for the time being, while I study, but you can see my small collection of movies here.

(A little less than what you hoped for? Look here. And here.)


  1. Just discovered you — most impressed!

    Many thnks — will visit again…

    • Thanks for visiting. Would that be Seaford-on-Port-Philip?

  2. my poetry site http://cotsb.wordpress.com/

  3. Test

  4. […] About Posted by: gregoryno6 | October 8, 2011 […]

  5. Thanks for posting a link to my piece on vegies and aussie blokes! Hope you enjoyed it.

    • It was very good. You kept it short which is always good for humourous writing – never ride a joke too far. I’ll be back to look at your blog again, and I’ll add you to my blogroll.

  6. I don’t know what happen my friend. It appears you dropped off my follow list. Now that I am back, I have a lot of reading to do.

    • I’ve seen some odd stuff happening on my dashboard recently. They do love to tinker at WP Central…

  7. Great writing style, I am so glad someone posted a link on stalkbook!

    • Steve, apologies for not answering you long before now. Thanks for the comment. I hope you’ve overlooked my discourtesy and come back to enjoy more of my great writing style.

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