Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 26, 2019

Ten years charting the unexplored country – year one.

I like words. I like playing with words.

But my poetry, I will admit, leaves something to be desired.

I like playing with other people’s words too. The results can be more interesting at times.

But I can also apply myself in a businesslike manner, when required.

So far as I know, this is still the only blog with its own theme song.

In 2010 I wrote about my experiences as a real-life Harvey Dent. Photos included. Responses from female work colleagues have ranged from shrieks of terror to ‘Please don’t send me any more photos’.

Speaking of the workplace… a little surprise now and then is welcome, but this?

Here’s a piece I wrote comparing the Japanese movie The Woman In The Dunes to The Prisoner. This was a theme I would develop later on in my occasional series From Page To Screen.

Regular readers may have noticed by now that I am rather a fan of Miss Gina Elise and her Pin Ups For Vets calendar project. By the time this blog got started I had done several motivators featuring Gina; in the early days of the calendar Gina was Miss Every Month, dressing up in wigs and costumes. Her inventiveness triggered mine.

During this year Gina and I collaborated on a short movie. She chose the music, I did the rest.

And while I hate to brag… sometimes, I just can’t help myself.



  1. Whooaaa….Gina is stunning. She seems very comfortable inhabiting the zone between good-natured benevolence and outright seduction.

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