Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 3, 2018

Not for bedtime.

The moulting of a tailless whip scorpion.
I can’t help anthropomorphising this little horror. It’s the large forearms that resemble human arms – right down to the long spiky fingers.
The moulting process could be a scene that was deleted from Prometheus or Covenant. Deleted because it made the crapness of the rest of the film so obvious.



  1. oh fuck, that’s the stuff of a goddamn nightmare.

    • The Alien reference isn’t casual hyperbole. William Gibson wrote a script for Alien 3 in which the critters demonstrated a new ability – reproducing by spore. The stuff got into your bloodstream and immediately went to work converting human DNA into alien DNA. A woman inhaled the spores unknowingly; later, in a room full of people, she shed her human self like this little monster sheds his old skin.
      Just reading the scene gave me the creeps!
      They used the ‘infection’ part in Covenant when one of the explorers stepped on a pod and the spores entered through his ear. But then they had the alien come out as before, a separate being ripping apart its host.

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