Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 20, 2018

J S Bach had a connection to sheep. Who knew?

While most of the rest of the world was busy critiquing the Royal Wedding last night, I had the good fortune to enjoy J S Bach and His World, presented at the Perth Concert Hall by Tafelmusik – thanks to Musica Viva*.

The event might be described as a live documentary with music. The narration was excellent, informative without being overwhelming, and complemented by the orchestra. Plus a slide/video presentation detailing the techniques of musical instrument making in Bach’s day. More here about the show.

The Bach-baa connection? Relax. It’s nothing to do with the obscene habits of New Zealanders. Sheep intestines were used to make strings for violins, cellos and similar instruments. The video accompanying this part of the narration showed the process in just enough detail, although I’d say Bach was lucky there was no PETA in his day.

You can learn more about gut strings here. If you’ve got the stomach for it.

* The Musica Viva page includes a video, but the start button is in the middle of the headline images scrolling by. If you don’t see it just wait for a pic with a dark background.

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I do, I do, yeah, big deal. Try this instead.

Who needs a Royal Wedding when you can have Atmo Horrox?
A mere AU$13 will buy you a download of the movie that has WTF in place of ‘Oh, there’s George Clooney again’. And wardrobe to die for. You’ll never see any of those hoity-toity British tarts dressed like this!

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Another Royal Wedding.

Another opportunity for redubbing.

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I agree, it’s something I need to work on.

As you’d all know by now, my attitude towards Mothers Day is something other than entirely respectful. But every now and then the pangs of remorse strike deep. To ease my guilt a little, last Sunday I took Mother to the movies.

Today she rang and said ‘So, you’re just leaving me here?’

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Don’t remember the nuns ever raising this question.

Did he fall from Heaven, or was it just too damn heavy?

One of the many fine points of theology best left to the insiders at the Vatican.



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Veterans remember Battle of Coral-Balmoral.

From PerthNow:

“It was vicious. It was the worst kind of night time assault, in the dark, tracer from automatic weapons streaming in, together with rocket-propelled grenades. It would have been terrifying,” Ekins said.

Eleven Australian soldiers died, most from the overwhelmed mortar platoon, while 28 were wounded before the attack was beaten back.

So opened the Battle of Coral-Balmoral, an almost continuous series of fierce attacks fought over 26 days from May 13 to June 6, 1968, 50 years ago.

These were by far the largest battles Australian forces participated in during their decade-long involvement in Vietnam, although they have mostly been over-shadowed by the better known Battle of Long Tan almost two years earlier.

Full story here.

Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 13, 2018

‘Wow! I came out of there?’

Mothers Day is the perfect occasion to explain the facts of life to your children.

Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 11, 2018

Today it’s satire, but tomorrow…

ATLANTA, GA—An exclusive new CNN report revealed Thursday that President Trump has kidnapped three people from the paradise of North Korea, forcing them to get on a plane and return to the United States against their wishes.



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A fine parting gesture.

In all honesty, I believe President Trump should honour Senator McCain’s wish and not attend the Senator’s funeral.
He should send Stormy Daniels instead.

Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 9, 2018

Some of tonight’s news was entirely untrue.

And that may well be the best news you’ll get all week.

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