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It’s not just Mothers Day in Australia…

It’s also Deployed Mothers Day.

Thanks to the Australian Defence Force in the Middle East page on Facebook.

They are of course even better in the full size image. Click!

 He did. I didn’t argue.

QANTAS chief executive Alan Joyce had a cream pie smashed into his face this morning in a bizarre incident at a business breakfast in the city.

Mr Joyce was the keynote speaker at the West Business Leadership Matters event at the Hyatt Regency.

He had taken the stage for about three minutes when a man appeared from behind him holding the pie.

Video at the link above.

Well done, Hyatt security people! The assailant had his weapon concealed in a shoulder holster, right?

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How to know when you’ve gone too far on the internet.

A friend on another site posted a story about Australia Post selling off its historic Sydney premises.

Even better in the full-sized image.

I left this comment:
It’s going to be renovated and turned into a brothel. Every day some lucky Australian will be invited to buttfuck the politician of their choice. They will have a wide range of insertables to choose from and the performance will be featured on youtube.

To say the silence has been profound would be an understatement.

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May Da Vorss be vit you.


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Gina goes to Yountville.

Pin Ups For Vets #1 Gina Elise and PUFV Ambassador Shannon Corbeil paid a visit the Veterans Home in Yountville California.

Those old warriors got a well-deserved treat!

Go, you old devil you!

Shannon, like many of the ladies Gina features in her calendar, is a veteran of the armed forces. She served as an intelligence officer in the USAF. She demonstrates her interrogation techniques in this video – WARNING: not for the faint-hearted.

This  video, however, is reasonably safe for general viewing.

Follow that link up the top and buy a calendar! Gina thanks you in advance…


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DNA Hopeful, DNA Ha-ha, and now: DNA Horror.

Tuesday: DNA is being used to identify the remains of Australian soldiers.

Wednesday: DNA tells a man in America that his heritage isn’t quite what he thought it was.

Sunday: The DNA tells a story, but the story gets lost in transmission.

An innocent man was wrongly convicted of a serious crime after staff at WA’s Government-owned forensic testing agency bungled a DNA test procedure, allowing the real offender to go unpunished for more than a decade.

Human error compounded further:

“I am deeply concerned that the DNA error was apparently discovered 12 months ago and reported by PathWest to WA Police but the Director of Public Prosecutions and the wrongly convicted man were not informed until last week,” [WA Attorney-General] Mr Quigley said.

PathWest, the agency in the hot seat, lost one of its top people recently after serious flaws were discovered in his work. The official position is that none of his mistakes put the wrong people in jail. Maybe the official spokesman should have added ‘that we know of, so far.’

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Concealed carry.

You’ve never seen it done like this before.

The full video is titled Shyness Machine Girl, and it was a sort of sequel to Machine Girl.

If you think you can handle that much Japanese wtf, be my guest.

‘Brutal, ridiculous, hilarious & totally defied the laws of physics’ – youtube commenter IMMORTAL SPEEDSTER.

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Next question, please.

However, in this case, it might require a note of hysteria rather than nostalgia.
Man Refuses To Accept He’s No Longer Black After DNA Test Results.

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