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Victoria, where the good ideas just keep on coming.

Though I wouldn’t imagine Vicpol are the only force taking this path. Not in Australia, not in many other places.

More commentary on the situation here.

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They’d rather run than dangle.

The current score:

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Obnoxiously vaxxed today, suddenly dead tomorrow.

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Western Australia rejoices as government leader quits.

Premier of Western Australia Mark McGowan – or, to give him his full and formal title: Masky Mark McClown, High Pontiff of The Western Lands – is leaving politics.

While convinced WA Labor would win at the 2025 state election, McGowan said he did not have the energy or drive to continue in the role.

“The truth is I’m tired, extremely tired. In fact, I’m exhausted,” he said…

Several cabinet members began crying and so did a lot of other people, but not necessarily for the same reasons.

Halfway through a term is a strange time to jump. Unless you’re so despised by the citizens that a, you can’t win the next election and b, just being around makes you a liability to your party. The media releases might have been reporting positive poll numbers, but the polling the government keeps to itself obviously told a very different story.

And the fact is that McClown’s second win in 2021 was not spectacular. Australia’s Mendacious Selective Media describe every Labor government win as a ‘landslide’. They’ve been doing it since the days of Whitlam at least. McClown wound up with 90 percent of the seats in the lower house due to preferences. But Labor’s primary vote, the actual number of votes where Labor was placed at 1, was slightly under 50 percent. See here.

That was early in 2021. By the end of the year Western Australia had the Fauci junk juice and the mandates to go with it. My employer at the time announced that all staff would have to be clotshotted twice, or mask up in the office and be tested twice a week. I quit. I’d seen it coming and made preparations. Now I’m a freelancer, and these days nobody brags about rolling up their sleeve for the latest booster.

The covid jabs are the last thing anyone wants to talk about. They did fuck all for immunity, but they sure were a boost for our funeral parlours.

As the graph above indicates (thanks to Rebekah Barnett) WA had near zero adverse vaccine reactions prior to the covid rollout. Once the pfucking Pfizer merchandise arrived, the situation changed dramatically.

The graph comes from a report McClown’s government withheld for six months. Shortly after its release we also discovered, via the Auditor General, that the political geniuses at the wheel had spent megamegabucks to buy 100 million RAT tests for a population of 2.7 million.

And all the way through this circus McClown played ringmaster. He it was who would stride to the microphone to declare another lockdown, when one of those highly unreliable PCR tests turned positive. He it was who imposed restrictions devoid of rationality. He it was who destroyed businesses across this state, and declared that a virus lethal to fewer than 1 percent of the population ‘will hunt you down’.

The High Pontiff was the face of the Covid Autocracy. Let the vaccine’s maimed and murdered be his legacy. Let the useless masks that litter our streets be his tribute.

When the news broke today an interstate friend reached out with ‘Greg! What did you say?’ If anything I said hit a nerve, I’d hope it was this.

Reflecting on McClown’s obvious love of the spotlight, announcing that he would make a statement at a certain time and then appearing an hour or more later, I said:

Norma Desmond was camera shy compared to this prick.

Even now, as McClown scuttles into the darkness. I can’t improve on that.

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Yes, folks, it happened.

The party:
‘Mark – there’s no plan B here. You have to go.’
‘You’re dragging us down! Voters would rather walk a hundred barkers’ eggs into their brand new carpet than vote us back with you as leader!’
‘We can make up a story. Forget that ‘spend more time with the family’ crap. That doesn’t fool anyone these days. We’ll say you’re exhausted. Worn out after leading the state through the covid crisis.’
‘Just make it quick. Real quick. Like end of the fucking week quick.’

A more detailed analysis to follow.

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Another Sunday spent in the Church of Meme.

This one ain’t pretty, folks. Some sites have the option to mask a sensitive image. The best I can do is post a link with an informative title.

The Daniel Andrews Double Act.

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To misquote Hall and Oates…

Blinded eyes

Aren’t watching you

They can’t see a thing you do…

News from the UK via The Daily Sceptic:

Campaigns that have sprung up to fight Ulez, low traffic neighbourhoods, clean air zones and 15-minute cities are now uniting with groups of disaffected farmers, truckers and bikers to pile pressure on ministers to reverse what they say is a “war on motorists”…

A group of self-proclaimed “freedom fighters” describing themselves as the “Blade Runners” has already taken down hundreds of cameras in their campaign against the Mayor of London’s plan to extend Ulez to the outskirts of the capital by the end of August.

Here in the colonies, we’re rather more low key. Not so much confrontation, more like quiet quitting.  I’ll have something for you in a day or two.


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This has probably been done already.

But, just in case…

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This sounds so, so familiar.

Captures perfectly the Then and Now nature of our times.

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