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Hello, hunter. I’m the prey.

“I feel like it’s a leopard kind of night” – Gina Elise.

Hello hunter

Later today I’ll post Gina’s big night with the American Legion. Prepare yourself for babealicious overload.

Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 27, 2015

Ought to sell truckloads!

In one respect my holiday was badly timed. A lady who shared our office will be leaving next week.
She was always a good reliable source of information. A pleasure to work with – and even more of a pleasure to listen to. She never held back.
One day I hope she’ll write a book about her approach to business relationships. To give her some incentive, I designed the cover as her going-away present.

The Book Cover for online

Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 27, 2015

Okay, okay, you don’t have to push me out the door.

Another surprise moment in my working life – being told that I had to take holidays. And this was just a few months after I’d started!
Company policy is that leave must be used up during the year. In other words, having started Feb 2015, I have to get to Feb 2016 with no more than a few days of leave to my credit. Never heard of such a scheme before, but what the hell – two weeks holiday began yesterday afternoon at 5.
On the to-do list: visit a few new stores and a few new cafes. And, as a reward for the housecleaning that will take place tomorrow, a hot rocks massage on Monday. Sorry, ladies, no photos.
I’ll be putting in a day or two at the Musica Viva office, my volunteer place last year. They gave me a lot of support and encouragement in my job hunting, and it’s a worthy enterprise. Apart from that, it will be nice to just WALK IN the door to work and not have to worry about ID cards and whether I locked my computer before I went to the men’s room.
At this time of year though, the big attraction is Rev. Due to industrial-strength slackness which I cannot explain I have never written about last year’s Revelation (apart from a review of Under The Skin). To make up for that I’ll be posting five or six side-by-side reviews: a movie from last year paired with a movie from this year. Let’s see how that works.

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The Hunger Games, North Korean style.

Clap For Kim

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George asked the question. Alvaro drew the pictures.

A contest was held last year by George Harrison’s family to promote the release of a boxed set of Harrison’s works. The challenge: create a video around Harrison’s classic tune What Is Life?

Five finalists were selected from a field of forty-seven entries.

This clip, by Alvaro Ortega, was one of the five.

Although it didn’t win the final prize, it is gaining prominence as the ‘people’s choice’ online. No, you didn’t misread that: Alvaro’s four-minute masterpiece failed to win.

You can view the winner here.

(Fair warning: I quit at 00:30.)


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Two Swastika Sundaes and a Goebbels Gaytime, please.

WTF is it with Indians when it comes to Der Fuhrer?

One of my uncles is a short-tempered and strict man, so we nicknamed him Hitler. While naming this particular batch of cones, I thought why can’t we have a little fun at the expense of my uncle and name the cones after him!

Fair enough, Mister Kumar. But that’s not your uncle on the carton – is it?

Hitler Ice Cream

Hey, Kumar – you blocked out Hitler’s swastika armband! What are you going to do about that?

Hitler Ice Cream - Swastika Hat

Sorry I asked.

As the article points out, Hitler isn’t reviled in India as in most other parts of the world. It’s a common belief there that Hitler enabled India’s independence by leaving Great Britain weakened by World War 2. Which is funny, since Hitler admired the colonial administration of the subcontinent and would have left it in place had he won the war. Furthermore the Brits, although Germany’s enemy, were at least white and therefore a superior race to the Indians. You’d think it was pretty obvious well before 1939 where Adolf’s sympathies would fall – even more so seventy years later.

It must be awkward to be admired by people who totally misunderstand you.


Big week at PUFV HQ. For her work to improve the lot of wounded warriors, the American Legion will honour Gina Elise with the rank of Honorary Colonel.

Not bad for a girl who was a sergeant just a few years ago!


The awards ceremony will obviously require something a little more formal in the wardrobe department. We don’t want Gina felling the old fellers with heart failure.

Gina in green

… okay, let’s forget about preventing heart failure.

But this is a truly lovely gown. All Gina requires is one accessory to make it perfect.


At the same time, Hon Col-to-be Elise is hard at work on the photo shoot for the 2016 Calendar.

Home to Gina

I feel a song coming on… end of the working day… climbing out of the car… and there, waiting for me…

Rachel Dolezal is

I couldn’t have done it without you, Michael Eric Dyson.

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A brief comment on the issue of the moment.

This is not RD

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With film of the actual invasion. Not quite as pretty as Saving Private Ryan, but these guys were fighting for the world. Not the cameras.

Originally posted on Pacific Paratrooper:

D-Day from Dixon

(By The Associated Press)

A dramatic 10-second interval preceded the official announcement today that the invasion had begun.

Over a trans-Atlantic radio-telephone hookup direct from supreme headquarters, allied expeditionary force, to all major press services, and broadcasting networks in the United States came the voice of Col. R. Ernest Dupuy, Gen. Eisenhower’s public relations officer.

“This is supreme headquarters, allied expeditionary force,” Dupuy said. “The text of communique No. 1 will be released to the press and radio of the United States in 10 seconds.”

Then the seconds were counted off — one, two, three . . . and finally ten.

“Under the command of General Eisenhower,” slowly read Col. Dupuy, “allied naval forces supported by strong air forces began landing allied armies this morning on the northern coast of France.”

Thus, officially, the world was told the news which it had been awaiting…

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