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Add Che.

This picture, taken in Cuba I believe, has started doing the rounds this week. Source here.
It’s surprising the owner didn’t go for a good Commie Red paint job. Then again, yellow does suit Che rather better.

Add Che

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Thank you letters with a surprise. Or two.

Talk about well timed delivery. AFPO is clearly not a branch office of Australia Post.


Right on Christmas Eve. But wait… Captain Miller forgot to mention the calendar!

Well, every rule was made to be broken. And my second letter (partly transcribed here) more than compensates for the captain’s omission.

Dear Greg,

My name is Cpl Sheryl O’Brien. I am the Postal Manager for AFP020. I look after all the incoming and outgoing mail. I love the job, to see smiles on people’s faces when they receive mail or care packages, you can see how it brightens up their day…
Thank you for your care package. I am a female, yes, but I grew up on a farm and I’ve been most of a tomboy nearly all my life. I appreciate anything that is sent through, and just to let you know, the calendar is up in my office.

Thanks for that intelligence, Corporal. I have been wondering how the women in uniform regarded Gina’s project. Sheryl continues:

I don’t mind classic cars… my spouse is a mechanic and has a love for VWs. My father was also a mechanic, and farmer, and did lots of odd jobs after he retired. Some of this traits I picked up myself. I guess that’s why I joined the defence force. A different type of job, always doing something different and being challenged in different ways.
Once again, thank you for the care package and I wish you a good prosperous new year.

And the same to you and yours, Sheryl. Safe home to your family.

Happy Australia Day.

Australian Flag

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The day will come when there are no more Gina Elise motivators.

But that day is not today.

Gina in clean-up gear after the big night Saturday, launching the 2016 Pin Ups For Vets Calendar at American Legion Post 43 in Hollywood. This shot is meant to show you that it’s not all glamour and high class fashion at these events. But Gina, being Gina, can make any outfit alluring. And stir ideas which may have nothing whatever to do with cleaning…


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I’ve got this Oscars problem solved for you.

If Hollywood’s going to take the attitude that everyone gets a prize… okay then. Everybody WILL get a prize.

In 2017, all Academy Awards will go to the blacks.

In 2018, the Latinos.

In 2019, the Asians.

In 2020, the Inuit, Aboriginals, Maori and other indigenous peoples.

In 2021, the Scandinavians. They’re pale, but at least they’re not American and pale.

In 2022 the Academy will honour the blind, the deaf, the left-handed, the club-footed,  the shortsighted, the prematurely bald and all the other disabled demographics – too numerous to mention.

In 2023 – we’d better give Whitey a turn before he goes all capitalist overlord and takes his money out of the film industry. (Hey, can we pass a law to prevent that?)

Repeat as necessary. No no, don’t thank me. The silence of the whinyocracy will be reward enough in itself.


The Oscars speech


You are Human

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Two more thank-you letters!

I’ll post them on Australia Day. Stay tuned!

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Trumbo Should Not Be Seen By Anyone

Much as I liked Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad…

Andrew J. Patrick

As my wife belongs to SAG, we get SAG screeners. One of them is the new Bryan Cranston movie Trumbo, a biopic of one of the Hollywood Ten. I’ve decided that I’m not watching it. Yes, that’s right, I’m judging a movie before I’ve seen it, phillistine that I am.

Here is why:

  1. How many Blacklist pietas Does Hollywood Need to Make? Joe McCarthy is dead. The blacklist is over. It was over almost as soon as it began. Anyone who was aware of the blacklist while it was happening is old enough to be collecting Social Security. So why does Hollywood need to keep going back to this well? Are they this desparate to testify to their martyr’s righteousness and political relevance?Keep in mind, this schtick whs already become risible, and was so even a decade ago. Back in 2005, Iowahawk responded to the ocean of self-congratulation released by Clooney’s Good Night…

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Message of thanks from the front.

Like I say – I don’t get many letters back from my Christmas packages. But when I do, the Diggers always mention Gina Elise and the Pin Ups For Vets Calendar.

Letter from CPL Shane Marshall

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Sam is Lambing the nation again for Australia Day!


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Sometimes, I guess, I really am just a cruel cynical bastard.

Now if I remember correctly

Maybe there’s true love there… given their respective track records, I’m just doubtful.

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