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And with that, it’s goodnight from me.

Another track from the psychedelic space rock collection that provided the Wooden Shjips song.

There are many words that could describe this particular blend of sound and image. My choice is enigmatic.

Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 20, 2021

More news sources with the Antipodean perspective.

Sky News Australia is top of the pops in the UK and USA. Whatfinger regularly features segments, often with a few words like ‘Love them Aussies for saying what American news services won’t.’

For news that’s more focused on local issues, I recommend The Other Side with Damian Coory and The People’s Project, both part of the Discernable platform.

Damian Coory was an ABC broadcaster once upon a time, but let’s not hold that against him. The ABC was a different organisation even as recently as twenty years ago. In his latest podcast Damian delivers one of the most concise and informative pieces I’ve seen on the covid circus.

The People’s Project is a weekly discussion hosted by Matt Wong. The show is based in Melbourne, the place where Dan Andrews has been playing Hold My Beer with Gavin Newsom for the last eighteen months, and the conversation centres on the insanities that have become daily life for folks there.

The latest episode features Bill Lang from Small Business Australia. Beyond his criticisms of government action during coronavirus, Lang outlines the positive actions that SBA are engaging in to motivate small business into taking political action. At 35:18 he makes a point that ought to wake up both the politicians and the voters. Officially, ie according to the MSM, the Andrews government is solid and secure. Lang disagrees:

There’s about twenty seats, and if forty thousand people in those twenty seats change their vote… the government changes.

Very promising.

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Further rumblings of unhappiness in Perth.

Just three months ago the Labor government was returned to power with overpowering majorities in both houses.

Today, I put my ear to the ground and I swear I can hear the glitter being scraped off #StateDaddy Mark McGowan.

Further to the report about G2G app data being misappropriated by WA Police, another embarrassing revelation for the government:

Western Australia’s most senior health official, who regularly meets with the Premier and Health Minister, knew before Labor’s landslide state election that check-in data for more than 2400 people from a COVID-19 contact tracing phone app had been accessed by police.

Guaranteed boost to the trustworthiness rating there.

From the start of the check-in business I’ve chosen to sign in rather than use the app. First time I was asked to comply, I told the young lady on the other side of the counter ‘I trust you to throw this piece of paper away more than I trust the government to destroy my data.’ Given that she was young, I was surprised that she agreed with me and didn’t deliver a shaming scold.

The bad news for the government doesn’t end with the cops. Mask McClown’s efforts to get everyone into the queue for the jab were hampered by word of resistance in the ranks.

The Australian Nursing Federation has polled 4000 members who work in aged care in WA on the topic. Almost two thirds of respondents said vaccinations should remain voluntary and 31 per cent said they would leave the industry if forced to get a jab.

All we need now is China to change its mind about paying top dollars for WA iron ore. If that happens, McGowan and Labor might wish they’d lost the election instead.

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Four from home.

All local views! First time ever. Warms my heart a tad, despite the rather low number.


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And I thought Miss Havisham had trouble letting go.

Gay – and I mean FABULOUSLY gay – black actor Billy Porter

is still unhappy that black but straight actor Jeremy Wright

played the part of a gay man in a Broadway play.

In 1993.

Nineteen. Ninety. Fucking. Three.

Right now, though, the future’s looking very bright for Billy.

Porter will next be seen in Amazon Prime Video’s Cinderella in which he will play the fairy godparent.

At which point Jeffrey Wright should accuse Billy of buckling to stereotypes.

Well, at least he’s not on the team for Victoria’s Secret.

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Back to the notebook and pencil for you, officer.

Perth’s finest are not having a good week when it comes to stories about misuse of technology. One of their top detectives was fined on Friday after using a work computer for personal reasons. Namely, looking up information on a woman he met through Snapchat.
This followed hard on the heels of another story about the local plods and inappropriate access.
It’s been revealed police have used data collected from the G2G border pass app for 13 investigations.
It comes after the Police Commissioner defended taking personal information from the SafeWA app to investigate a high-profile murder and a stabbing.
Here’s hoping the Bachelors in Blue don’t start using THAT for girlspotting too.
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Call me a sexist and an MCP…

…but expecting Megan Rapinoe to boost lingerie sales is like expecting Stephen Hawking to dance like Fred Astaire.

More on the Rapinaptor from Paul Joseph Watson.

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Those undulating Sixties hippie chicks get me every time.

Another musical find courtesy of the yoochoob. This is part of the Psychedelic Space Rock collection.

Almost from the opening bars I had visions of Sixties hippie chicks undulating in slow motion to the music… some of them looked like… well, guess who…

…then my manager said ‘Have you finished that job yet?’ and it was back to reality.

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Joe says turn ’em in.

Joe Biden’s ideas about what constitutes domestic terrorism in 2021 USA are interesting to say the least. According to Foggy Groper’s speech of June 1, it’s all about white supremacy.

“According to the intelligence community, terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today,” Biden said. “Not ISIS. Not Al Qaeda. White supremacists.”

Not BLM, not Antifa, but white supremacists. Them folks what fill the space between LA and NYC. Friends and family.

As in President Joe Biden’s administration announced their plans to create ways for Americans to report radicalized friends and family to the government, in an effort to fight domestic terrorism.

Do your duty, patriotic Americans.

This brief instructional video may be helpful.

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Uhhh… yeah.

With a tip of the hat – or maybe the bucket – to the folks at Catallaxy Files.

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