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Feeding the frustrations of the feathered.

The new job – new? I’ve been there since February… The job offers a perk I enjoyed when I worked in the computer firm at UWA: proximity to the Swan River. Most days I’ll find a seat and enjoy the view across to South Perth.
And I usually have company. Seagulls are the tarts of the bird world. They’ll go with anybody, as long as there’s something in it for them. But this week the feathered ones seemed a little annoyed with me. Apples and bananas don’t interest them much. They’ve become too accustomed to richer fare, and in the hope that I had a tasty sandwich tucked away they stood around and stared at me.

(Image found here. Software here.)

Sometimes our animal friends are as easy to read as an open book.

Not Going Anywhere

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‘Latent sense of fun’???

Funny how the old can become the new… Noel Coward wrote this song seventy years ago as a swipe to the ‘excessive humanitarians’ with  ‘rather too tolerant a view of our enemies.’

The attitude he satirises is still evident today as we watch the headchoppers rampage across the Middle East.

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Don’t let’s be beastly to the Germans
Now our victory is ultimately won
Let us treat them very kindly
As we would a valued friend
We might them out some bishops
As a form of lease and lend

Let’s be sweet to them
And day by day repeat to them
That sterilization simply isn’t done
Let’s sweetly sympathize again
And help the scum to rise again
But don’t let’s be beastly to the Hun

We must be kind
And with an open mind
We must endeavor to find a way
To let the Germans know
That now the war is over
They are not the ones who have to pay

We must be sweet
And tactful and discreet
And now they’ve suffered defeat
We mustn’t let them feel upset or ever get the feeling
That we’re cross with them or hate them
Our future policy must be to reinstate them

Don’t let’s be beastly to the Germans
For they’re civilized
When all is said and done
Though they gave us science, culture, art, and music, to excess
They also gave us two world wars and Dr. Rudolph Hess

Let’s be meek to them
And turn the other cheek to them
And try to arouse their latent sense of fun
Let’s give them full air parity
And treat the rats with charity
But don’t let’s be beastly to the Hun

Don’t let’s be beastly to the Germans
You can’t deprive a gangster of his gun
Though they’ve been a little naughty
To the Czechs and Poles and Dutch
I can’t believe those countries
Really minded very much

Let’s be free with them
And share the BBC with them
We mustn’t prevent them basking in the sun
Let’s soften their defeat again
And build their bloody fleet again
But don’t let’s be beastly to the Hun

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Six hours.

That’s how long I was staring at this picture

Gina Blue

before I noticed that Gina’s phone matched her dress.

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Is Mad Max: Fury Road worth the ticket?

In my formerly skeptical, ready to be annoyed and disappointed view, yes.

I saw it Thursday night and was entertained all the way through. There are enough references to the earlier movies that you could organise a Saturday night drinking game, but it stands well enough on its own.

The machines are outrageous. The characters are grotesque. The stunts are hair raising.

One gripe: Tom Hardy’s accent, which to my ears sounded half Los Angeles and half Johannesburg. At least Mel sounded half Australian.

Anyone ELSE got a problem with my accent?

Anyone ELSE got a problem with my accent?

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Okay. Okay. If these guys like it…

I’m in for Wednesday night so I’ll know for myself soon enough!

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Small, and oh so cute!

Western pygmy possum

You want to beware of the western pygmy possum though. Roaming in packs several hundred strong they can pick the bones of a full grown sheep clean in less than an hour.
Even in small numbers they’re a danger. If the handler in this photo didn’t lose at least the top of that finger I’d be very surprised.

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One from the archives, for the Road Warrior.

Mad Max Fury Road has finally reached the cinema. And when I say ‘finally’, that’s exactly what I mean.
Reviews so far are generally positive. I haven’t seen it yet, but the trailers suggest that a lot of story has been brought forward from the original trilogy. Still, given the history of the making of MMFR, the fact that it’s here at all is something to celebrate.
My post from three years ago. Like I said – finally!

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I say, waiter!

There’s no head on my beer!

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I Love Lucy Kellaway.

Lucy Kellaway has surgeon-level skills when it comes  to cutting through the BS of modern business. Quoting the pocket bio provided by London’s Financial Times:

Lucy Kellaway is an Associate Editor and management columnist of the FT. For the past 15 years her weekly Monday column has poked fun at management fads and jargon and celebrated the ups and downs of office life.

Lucy also features regularly on the BBC’s Business Daily, which is where I discovered her several years ago. Here are two of the podcasts that turned me on to the Kellaway School of Corporate Crap Disposal: Lucy’s take on the resignation of Yahoo boss Carol Bartz, and her smackdown on Googlemeister Larry Page for a pompous PR announcement that’s all wrapping paper and no gift.

The most recent of Lucy’s podcasts are available here, but take a stroll through the archives too.

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Marlon Brando Visited My Workplace.

Three months ago, as dedicated readers and visitors will know, I fell into the employ of two megaglobal frontier-defying world corporations. Working for one on the premises of the other. The experience has been valuable. It’s taught me this above all else: when leftwit/Green types rail against ‘Big Business’, the proper response is to laugh. The mung bean collectivists imagine BB as a huge faceless machine: eternally hungry, never sleeping, sucking scarce resources and human souls in at one end and presenting gold ingots to the bosses at the other.

Don’t laugh because they’re right. Laugh because they’re a million miles from the truth.

Big Business a relentless money-making mechanism? If only. Those people have no idea. It’s a common cry that government stifles private enterprise with regulation – but the corporate urge for pointless rule-making is at least as strong. Maybe it’s a perverse attempt to demonstrate the superiority of private over public. Don’t wait for some idiot government authority to strangle you with red tape… you’re better than that. Do it yourself!

And then there’s the indestructible urge to interrupt the productive hours with meetings. Meetings… pre-meeting meetings… follow-up meetings… I commented the other day that the company’s real product is meetings. The stuff they market is just a sideline that pays the rent. It got a laugh. But I was probably wise to wait until there was only one other person in the lift.

It seems to be a rule in the corporate world that there is no step forward that doesn’t require two steps back. So it was a joy to discover another employee prepared to engage in some quiet subversiveness – as demonstrated in the following exchange of emails.

Hello Stan,

Earlier this morning, I replaced your generic workstation nameplate with your personal nameplate.



















Thanks Greg,



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