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Ladies and Gentlemen!

Please stand by for an important announcement.

Going further…

God and Moses on Mount Sinai.

“Okay, no killing, no screwing around, treat You with respect… do You think You missed anything, Lord?”

“I should probably add something about not farting into telephones…”

“No farting into what, Lord?”

“Nothing, nothing. Get going, Moses. That brother of yours needs his butt kicked.”


Sometimes you just need a beach day to chill out – Gina Elise.

Chilled, shmilled. I’m feverish.

No exhortation to buy a 2019 Pin Ups For Vets calendar today. Know why?
That’s right – they’re sold out!

Dr Akira Ichinose – pronounced ‘Itchy Nosey’.

A genuine name, and standard pronunciation? Or a sly joke from the producer?

T of M featured aliens who wear their silly hats indoors and a new dinosaur that starts hurricanes with its tail. (No Blazing Saddles reference should be inferred.) Still, that daft name kept me distracted. Also, the aliens had quit smoking cigars and changing into hairy faced simians when they died.

Speaking of death, they saved a young woman from something or other, probably electrical, by turning her into a cyborg. There’s a brief glimpse of her internals – a circuit board flashing and buzzing behind her lungs – which owes something to the Bionic Woman. Except the Bionic Woman never turned against humanity. Or flashed her eyes like traffic lights.

Terror of Mechagodzilla is no mere rerun of its predecessor. It features less space titanium, a submarine which comes to a bad end, and the actor who greatly impressed me as The Shepherd Wong in What’s Up Tiger Lily?

Godzilla got less screen time too. Or maybe that fucking Itchy Nosey joke kept me too preoccupied to notice.

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The Speaker has been making demands again.

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Sands Of Time: The Geology of D-Day

“In the preparation for the June invasion, British and American geologists studied nearly one million aerial photographs of the Normandy shores, scouring the images for the ideal landing site…The Permian-Triassic metamorphic rocks found inland at Normandy turn into the medium-grained sands the invasion planners needed to literally support the landing.”

The Rant Foundry

The Rant Foundry Presents: A Special D-Day 75th Anniversary Edition
By JF Dowsett

The June 6, 1944 Allied invasion of France – known as D-Day – was a turning point in the European theater of the Second World War. Upon landing on a 50-mile stretch of Normandy coastline, 150,000 American, Canadian and British soldiers faced the Atlantic Wall, a complex defensive system of fortifications, bunkers, minefields and trenches. Between 1942 and 1944, Nazi Germany had reinforced her European coastal flanks, stationing thousands of troops along the way.

Tschechenigel (Czech hedgehog) at Pas de Calais (image via

Nearly 10,000 men died that day.

In 1988, American scientists Earle F. McBride and M. Dane Picard visited the infamous Omaha Beach section of the Normandy coast and sampled the sands for microscopic analysis. As they were to write later, “there is more to the legacy than just the memorials: The sand at…

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Well, I’m still not all that interested in fishing.

But that’s mighty attractive bait all the same!

Gina’s cover picture in all its graphically designed glory.

Place your advance orders here. And look through the shop here for more neat stuff.

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I’ve never been much interested in fishing. Until now.

Enjoy this tasty preview of the 2020 Pin Ups For Vets Calendar.

Gina Elise! She’d be my catch of the day, any day!

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The secret language of the beauty salon.

A coded message seen in my neighbourhood, which I as a man cannot understand.

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What you are about to see is real.

There has been no doctoring of this image for purposes of making Facebook look stupid. They’ve done it all by themselves.

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Ready for another impromptu movie review?

Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla has some of the most stomach churning violence ever seen on screen. No, I’m not talking about the big reptile trading blows with his metallic built-by-cigar-smoking-aliens twin. I’m talking about the fight between the gunman and the professor. The gunman is an outright fucking Nazi piece of scum, placing a cushion over the professor’s head AND THEN PUNCHING THE CUSHION.

The song that rouses King Seesar from his sleep is what drives lemmings over cliffs. The opening theme was stolen from a 1950s movie that starred gangsters in pinstripes, probably.

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