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Lockdownunder Update: Police behaving strangely.

From right here in Perth:

Christina Hartmann Benz, 51, was charged over allegations she fraudulently recorded that the vaccine had been given to a 15-year-old boy who attended a medical practice in St James with his father last month…

Ms Benz was granted bail but today, when she made her second appearance in court, the police prosecutor said the charge was being withdrawn.

No reason was given to the court.

Ms Benz was awarded $1,500 to cover her legal costs, including her application for bail, before being told she was free to go.

Charges dropped, no reason given, AND the accused was compensated for her legal costs. I can’t help feeling that a couple of key details have been lost somewhere.

Nick Takos, member of the Adelaide Crows board of directors, has said adieu to the team after refusing the covid jab.

I have made my position to the board clear that while I am not anti-vaccination generally, corporations should not tell their staff and footy fans what medical treatment is good for them through a mandatory vaccination policy.

First Senator Alex Antic, now Nick Takos. Good to see Adelaide becoming notable for something besides its serial killers.

Last Saturday was SOS From Australia Day, organised by Monica Smit at RDA, and the SOS was heard all around the world.

Even New York… watch the video here.

Thanks to everyone who gave our assorted ambassadors and consuls earache on Saturday.

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Another Australian cop speaks out.

Stephen Kelly is a 28 year police veteran who has spent the majority of his career in the Coronial Law Unit assisting the Coroner with inquests. He has an excellent understanding of medical practice and the law.

And he doesn’t pull his punches.

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It’s becoming the unofficial national anthem.

One reason: the words are easier to remember than the official national anthem.

From shopping malls

To hardware stores

Now, right in the copper’s face!

(Thanks to Whatfinger for that last one.)


In fact, it doesn’t include many words at all.

5 days.

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(UPDATED) Mandate smackdown in Lockdownunder!

It must have hurt the Australian Bolshevist Collective to run this story.

The full bench of the Fair Work Commission has found a decision by mining giant BHP to make COVID-19 vaccinations at a Hunter Valley mine mandatory was not lawful or reasonable.

The specific minesite is in New South Wales, but BHP’s mining operations here in the west will also be covered by this decision. Voice For Victoria explains the significance:

This was ruled by a full bench of the FWC of 5 members, not just 3, including the President & Vice President of the commission. The result of this is now an industrial law precedent that binds lower jurisdictions, made even heavier due to who was on the bench.

Even better:

The argument they won on is the same argument currently being run by the Red Union team, who have hundreds of these matters right now & just got handed an early Xmas gift with this finding. This’ll also piss off many of the big ALP unions who say they’re a ‘fake union’. Oops.

In fairness, I should point out that the case was brought against BHP by the CFMEU, which is one of those big ALP unions. Or used to be, at any rate. You’ll remember that it was CFMEU workers who got the protests rolling in Melbourne outside the union offices.

It started with a few hi-vis and spread throughout the population. From little things, big things do indeed grow.

(We could use some good news here after Palpatine Dan got his Danfuhrer Act through Parliament in Victoria. It’s been toned down, but remains highly toxic.)

Here’s the update… I should have known better than to take an ABC news report at face value. Avi Yemini puts the credit for the victory squarely with RED Unions and not with the CFMEU. He points out that the leader of the ACTU tagged those protesting CFMEU workers as… well, have a guess. Answer below.

And there’s more! Spotted at Michael Smith News – we’ve got some McClown icing to put on the BHP cake.

Oh, yes, the dreaded far right. Its official starting point is somewhere around one inch the wrong side of our Prime Minister these days.

Another tip of the hat to Mr Smith for the next news item. A glass of South Australia’s finest schadenfreude to accompany the cake and icing.

Jay Weatherill partied the night away with long-time mates at the Henley High School reunion at Theatre Bugs in Adelaide on November 27.

But many of the guests at the class of 1981 shindig woke up suffering more than a hangover with 19 party-goers now testing positive for Covid.

However, while Mr Weatherill, 57, is

(wait for it)


and not requiring hospital care, he’s said to be feeling extremely unwell.

My presecription for Joyless Jay: take two Nophuxgivan and don’t call me in the morning.


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Adam has a question.

What if we gave you a variant that gave you natural immunity and made everyone safe? That meant that we could quietly leave all of this lockdown and mask wearing behind us? So that everyone could go back to their lives and live happily ever after?

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Mine workers who said No gather in Perth.

Sky News Australia is admired by a lot of Americans for their unforgiving attitude towards the Foggy Groper, they’re much more inclined to sing with the covid cheer squad here in Lockdownunder. So if they say ‘hundreds’ of unemployed mine staff rallied at Parliament House in Perth, you can safely multiply that.

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It’s probably not significant.

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Tweeted by Voice For Victoria.

This is a bit bizarre. Look at the date on this article. If you didn’t see that detail, you’d think it was written yesterday, not 11 months ago. There’s something to be said here for recycling hysteria.

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Let’s covid around the world!

A quick round-up of randomly selected bits of covid news.

Dateline: Lockdownunder, over here on the Indian side. Masky Mark McClown, High Pontiff of The Western Lands, has a lot riding on the vaccine mandates he’s dropped on the mining industry. Unofficially (in my best Hollywood gossip columnist voice) things are not going well. One mining company has allegedly said it won’t do the Premier’s dirty work for him. Another has allegedly given the Us and Them game an extra tweak, putting the mandate on minesite staff but not on the Perth-based office staff.

And yet another mining company has allegedly asked the Mask to drop the whole damn idea. They figured on a certain percentage of their staff holding the line, and got caught with their pants down when the actual number was about twice what they’d figured.

(You didn’t think this new variant was cooked up just to help Fraudulent Fauci, did you?)

On a serious note, it appears that forced vaccinations have begun in remote aboriginal settlements in the Northern Territory. As Bruce pointed out in comments on the ‘covid kook’ post, this was the point of Chief Minister Gunner’s pop-eyed rant. There are conflicting reports as to whether the settlement residents are being treated well; the media and the usual suspects in the indigenous grievance industry are very quiet.

Many indigenous people have their share of whitefella comorbidities. Poor dietary choices; overindulgence in alcohol and tobacco. If the mass vaccinations have the result in the Outback that they’ve had in Israel and Gibraltar, we can probably expect a revival of the ‘stolen generations’ narrative.

Just in time for Christmas we have a new variant! Yay! Nice of TPTB to give the prize to Africa this time. They’re still shoveling away the corpses in South America after Lambda… aren’t they?

Courtesy of The Daily Sceptic, a cautionary tale about opinion polls.

Monica Smit, the founding mother of Reignite Democracy Australia, has had amazing results for the SOS Australia campaign that’s coming next Saturday, December 4. Ike from Good TV in Finland and former judge Rui Castro in Portugal have reached out to offer support, and talked about their own experiences fighting the covid industrial complex.

Across to the Yewessavay for the good news closers!

Laura Kelly, DEMOCRAT Governor of Kansas, has said No to Joe with Kansas HB 2001.

If any employee is fired or faces other punishments due to their exemption, they will be able to make a complaint with the Secretary of Labor. If the employer is found guilty of violating the legislation, they could face a fine of up to $10,000 per violation if their business employees under 100 people, and up to $50,000 if they employee over 100 people. Any fired employee should also be reinstated, with back pay.

Bill number 2001… this time, the pod bay doors get opened.

Finally – inspired perhaps by the Bunnings Singer, a member of the Los Angeles Fire Department did a little repurposing of official documents.

The unidentified LAFD employee, who was served with a noncompliance letter from the fire department, pulled down his pants and wiped his buttocks with it before leaving it on the ground. 

I can see that catching on with West Australian mine workers.

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