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One of the essential truths of social media.

FB without problems

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Beep beep! Beep beep! YEAH!

PUFV 2017

Pre-ordering happens here.

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Not one of mine.

This meme says all that needs to be said.


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It’s a metaphor for my life, sort of.

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The unattractive truth.

Me after 2

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They never did this after D-Day.

Photographer Michael Stokes has compiled a gallery of young wounded veterans who have nothing to hide.




If Gina and her pin ups aren’t to your liking – I guess there’s somebody out there who feels that way – Stokes and his models have issued a calendar for 2017.

There’s no international shipping at this time, but Michael is trying to rectify that. You could always make your own arrangements if you have contacts in America, couldn’t you?

Go on. Buy the calendar. Surprise your granny at Christmas.

Hillary S S D S

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Appropriate forms of address.

Over at Morning Mail, Jack Richards passes on this useful anecdote.

I thought I’d do the right thing and address a meeting “Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen”.

I was immediately howled down and it was explained to me just how sexist, paternalistic and ethno-centrically racist was that salutation.

The politically correct form of address is now: “Fellow infesters of Mother Gaia…”

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A pilot show called WHAT?

Paul Joseph Watson is a leader among the young and media savvy conservative set.

And he’s really got the SJW set summed up here.

Warning: This video features lots and lots of supposedly mature people behaving like demon-possessed toddlers.

This will be the first generation in history that won’t go back to nappies in their old age. They’ll be wearing them all the way through.

It's my victimhood

A familiar plane in unfamiliar colours!

Aces Flying High

Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation

Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation Logo

Under the direction of the Australian government the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) of Australia was incorporated on October 17th, 1936 and by September 1937 a factory had been constructed at Fishermen’s Bend in Port Melbourne, Victoria to produce military aircraft and engines. Lawrence Wackett (1896-1982), the “father of the Australian aircraft industry” was appointed General Manager of CAC and was integral to the design and development of the early aircraft produced by the company.

The Australian aviation industry was born in the 1930’s but the wartime conditions that began with the start of World War Two in Europe in September 1939 and totally erupted with the Japanese entry into the Pacific theatre in December 1941 enabled it to establish more quickly than otherwise would have occurred. The experience of building aircraft such as the Wirraway trainer and general purpose aircraft, and Boomerang fighter early in the war…

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