is going to mean something entirely different very soon.

Posted by: Gregoryno6 | July 20, 2017

How the hell did they get away with it?

I watched Schindler’s List again yesterday, and I was outraged. Where were all the black female SS officers?

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Now, it’s important you get this right.

Lying about cop behaviour on social media: Okay.

Being called out by cops on social media for your lies: Not Okay.

Suffer in your jocks, snowflakes. YOU in particular, Hank.

[Chief Brandon del Pozo] has learned that people who post anti-police statements on a public forum, such as their open Facebook or Twitter pages, tend to become very uncomfortable when engaged directly.

 When former city councilor Haik Bedrosian posted to social media that the department’s new badge design “belongs on a robot soldier in a dystopian future police state,” this chief respectfully responded in a private message.

“Writing it off … is your prerogative and your opinion, but you should also take seriously the months of careful work a lot of people put into it,” del Pozo wrote, according to Seven Days. “They were not robocops, but nearly all born Vermonters who have a deep affinity for the city and its police.”

Bedrosian says that he was shocked by the intimidation in the message, and even after deleting the message and blocking the chief he said, “I remain intimidated by Brandon del Pozo to this day.”

To this day. To this very day.

Somebody please throw a rubber spider at that guy.

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Getting Revved With George Lazenby.

Best Rev weekend ever! Yesterday: Becoming Bond, the story of how a car salesman and male model named George Lazenby snagged the role of James Bond. Today, the movie itself – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. And George Lazenby himself at both screenings to add more incredible details to the story of his incredible life.
Photos to follow. And a couple of stories…

The trailer for Rev 2017. Some of these movies may be available in your territory already.

For more details about Rev, look here.


Mr Allen’s ad noted that it was a privilege to be granted an apprenticeship and urged people not to apply if:

– Just because Mum and Dad said you need a job. You need to want a career all on your own.

– If you think you might lose your licence once, twice or even three times.

– If you have a drinking problem.

– If you do recreational drugs.

– If you think it’s OK to chuck sickies on your birthday or the day after a big night out etc.

– Got some kind of cool crap in your nose or a hole in your ear? Forget it – go join the circus. This is a job where you are representing my business and I don’t suffer fools.

– If you can’t pass a drug test on your first day, don’t apply.

No follow up news that I can locate, but given the positive response I’d say it’s a safe bet that Mr Allen got the apprentice he was looking for.


Kiss. The 2017 version. The final version.

I posted my first version of this about ten years ago.  Earlier versions took the kissing entities from the same fractal but I was never happy with the colours. This time I combined two, which required some patience and editing skill. The background was a challenge all its own.

I prepared this for the tenth art competition over at Fractal Forums. Follow this link to Kiss, then have a look at the other works. Members only allowed to vote, but you’re certainly welcome to admire.

Recommended viewing: Acid Eye comes with a bonus – a 360 degree video.

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I’ll never smirk at a cop on a pushbike again.

Perth, Saturday night: thug taken down!

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If you’re sexist and don’t know it, pick a man!

Canberra – well, where else? (Okay, don’t answer that):

Leaders of the Australian public service will today be told to “hit pause” on blind recruitment trials, which many believed would increase the number of women in senior positions…

Irony ahead!

We anticipated this would have a positive impact on diversity — making it more likely that female candidates and those from ethnic minorities are selected for the shortlist… We found the opposite, that de-identifying candidates reduced the likelihood of women being selected for the shortlist.

Take away the gender identification, make the selection about merit and qualifications, and men come out ahead. Not much more you can say about that. Except…

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Happy Fourth, America!

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So much cinema stupid, my brain hurts.

The housework was finished, and the weather was every bit as crappy as the bureau had predicted.

What to do?

Against all reason and common sense, I occupied myself with a Bad Movies Weekend.

Opening with…

Followed by…

And finally, to finish the task of sandpapering the grey matter to a flat and featureless mass of pain: the biggest big screen fuck up of our time!

We we so wrong! I cannot disagree. That bit where you’re trying to escape the crashed ship by running directly along its path especially.

You might ask why I would wallow through such rubbish. In the case of Frankenstein and TermSal, they were both movies I hadn’t seen for some time. And I got the idea that maybe they weren’t quite as bad as I remembered. Oh, yes, they were! As for Prometheus, well, I was so far down Masochism Avenue that it was easier to just keep on rolling.

These movies are all bad for the same reason. It’s not the talent – Branagh, Bale, Scott etc; and it’s not the budget either. They all obviously had millions lavished upon them and they all are visually excellent.

What they lack is intelligent scripting.

The script is not one leg of the chair, without which the chair will remain upright although unsteady. The script is the big pole in the middle that keeps the circus tent up. Without the script you’ve got naught but a floundering mass of material.

Here endeth the lesson. With a scene from the American Astronaut – a true example of imaginitive and daring scriptwork.

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