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Febuary 19 1942: Japan bombs Darwin.

75 years ago today…

The Rising Sun struck on both sides of the Pacific in December 1941. Simultaneous with the attack on Pearl Harbor Japanese troops landed in force at Kota Bharu, at the northern end of the Malay Peninsula. Tokyo’s advance southward was swift and largely uninterrupted; the British and Australian forces under the command of Singapore were unprepared both physically and psychologically. Singapore was known as ‘the impregnable fortress’, but seven weeks after setting foot on Malayan soil the Japanese extracted an unconditional surrender. The island became Japanese territory; thousands of men became POWs, never to see home again.

Four days after the surrender was signed, 188 Japanese planes rained hell on Darwin. It was the largest Japanese air attack since Pearl Harbor itself.

From the website:

The Japanese attacked with around 188 planes that had been launched from Japanese land bases and aircraft carriers in the Timor Sea. The Japanese fighters strafed land targets and shipping. Dive bombers attacked the ships in the harbour, the military and civilian aerodromes and the hospital. The dive bombers were escorted by fighter planes to protect them from Australian and allied planes. Eight ships were sunk and most of the others were damaged by bombs or machine gunfire.

The only air defences the allies had were ten fighter planes that engaged the Japanese planes. Only one allied fighter survived the first attack, with the Japanese suffering only one or two losses…

The second attack began an hour after the first ended. Heavy bombers attacked the Royal Australian Air Force Base at Parap and lasted about 25 minutes.

The two raids killed at least 243 Australians and allies. Almost 400 were wounded. Twenty military aircraft were destroyed, eight ships at anchor in the harbour were sunk and most civil and military facilities in Darwin were destroyed.

With Singapore gone it seemed to many Australians that Darwin was the next target for Japanese invasion. In fact it now appears that the Japanese aim was to isolate The Great South Land and block US forces from supply. However, the air raids on Broome a short time later reinforced the fear that the Rising Sun would soon fly atop Capital Hill.

The Melbourne Argus reports the raid.

Troops inspect the damage.

MV Neptuna was unloading artillery and explosives when the raiders struck. Cargo exploded as the sailors took to the boats.

MV Neptuna was unloading artillery and explosives when the raiders struck. Cargo exploded as the sailors took to the boats.

Video from the History Channel.

They’ve skipped that one and gone straight to Donald Trump has syphilis. Well, maybe, sort of, kinda, you know he looks that way at times…
According to the symptoms listed here, so have I.
Questions were raised about Hillary’s health during the campaign, of course, but rightly so. There was something blatantly wrong with her head bobbing about and her collapse as she got into the limo. And she does seem to be keeping a low profile presently. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Questions remain...

Questions remain…

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I’ll be needing one of these in about 51 1/2 weeks’ time.

Libertarian Valentines!

Because she’s already got Atlas Shrugged on the shelf.



More here at

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Went out for groceries, came home with a meme.

Spotted at the local supermarket.


It’s enough to break an SJW’s heart!

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If this was food, it would be an extremely tasty dessert.

Paul Joseph Watson, internet hero, sticks it up arrogant celebrity twats. Sideways.

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It’s called Demonstrating With Dollars.

First, the Berkeley riots delivered a massive rise on sales for Milo’s book.

This week, Joy Villa’s Trump dress at the Grammys resulted in a similar boost for her music sales.*

And now, Washington wine lovers are buying up bigly on Trump Wine.

The Wine Cabinet sells six options from Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Va. Mackie says in the six months leading up to the November presidential election, his store sold two cases of Trump Wine.

But after Trump’s stunning White House win, sales suddenly spiked. Since Election Day, about 10 cases of the bottles, which range in price from $25 to $35, have been purchased.

“We could’ve sold more,” Mackie says. “But we ran out of all but one of the wines.”


*The story I linked to at Breitbart notes that the dressmaker, Andre Soriano is gay, from the Philippines ie an immigrant, and says that Trump is “going to do the best thing for America. Death tweets headed his way too, no doubt.

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This is one time I’m glad I scored zero.

7 Sure-fire Signs you are a Hollywood Tool.

From XYZ, one of the Australian news and opinion sites that’s emerged in recent years. Worth a look, even for you furriners.



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Voter fraud, American style.

On November 8, 2016, I and my daughter were witnesses to a voter irregularity that was casually dismissed by election place volunteers. It occurred to us afterwards that it was likely not only deliberate, but what we witnessed was a demonstration to others on how easy it was to do. IOW, the perpetrator was showing to all surrounding him how the behavior was not only not checked, but that there was no danger of being prosecuted for voter fraud, and that the crime could be repeated as often as any “voter” wished…

Pascal tell the full story over at Crusader Rabbit.

I’d like to believe that it’s not really as easy as that…




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I dedicate this Valentines Day to a very special lady.

No – not this special lady. Not this time.

In 2017, I pledge my troth to Joy Villa.


I am not going to claim a long-standing fandom for Princess Joy. Straight up: I had never heard of her 48 hours ago. But watch this!

If that’s not the equivalent of waving a yarmulka at a Nuremberg rally, I don’t know what is.

Now it is entirely possible that Joy was just out to grab some attention. Her MAGA dress may be nothing more than a publicity stunt. Joy does have a history of (ahem) unconventional clothing on awards night.


Black – 2015; Orange – 2016.

Kudos to the lady nevertheless. The entertainment industry has grown quite mouthy of late – and its message is being met by a colossal raspberry. Hollywood/Hollyweird/Whollyweird has taken to lecturing its inferiors – ie you and I – and sermonising from a great height. And again, in response to Joy Villa’s wardrobe surprise, the entertainment industry has demonstrated that its calls for tolerance are not even skin deep. Read about that at Breitbart. I’d post a few samples here, but I’ve already donated my mop to the cleaners at the Staples Centre. They need it to clean up the bucketloads of hypocrisy… sure hope that stuff comes out of the carpet without too much trouble.

Oh well – the event’s producer said he wanted a political night. I guess there’s political and political, eh?

You can show some support for Joy by purchasing her music.  I’m already in for the limited edition autographed CD.

Here’s a sample.

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Remember, you read it here first.

Two-headed alien werewolf babies coming in time for Thanksgiving.

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