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No argument here.

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News shorts.

Fair go, officer, he was only reporting for work!

US Capitol Police have arrested a man armed with a bayonet and machete outside the Democratic National Committee HQ in Washington, DC. The Capitol cops say the man was “talking about white supremacist ideology.”

A shark that doesn’t inhabit Australian waters? Seems highly unlikely.

The shark also lives throughout the East Atlantic Ocean, from Norway to South Africa. Now I know they’re making it up. I don’t know how many surfers they have in Norway, but I’m damn sure it’s not enough to feed a population of sharks.

Locally, the wildflower season is just beginning. So have some soothing petal pics – all link back to their sources, if you want more.

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Lockdownunder Update: Words and numbers.

Numbers first.

Perth journalist Ben Harvey dissects the latest budget for the state of Western Australia, and finds we’re in a state of thinly disguised – and there’s that word again – shitfuckery.

(Okay, this isn’t specifically about Tha Rona. But it does make you wonder what Masky Mark is concealing in that department. Hint: it probably involves our hospitals.)

At the Spectator Australia, Luke Massey has compiled a fine set of statistics around the Dreaded C. A couple of my favourites:

The average life expectancy in Australia is 82.8.

As at October 2020 the average age of death from Covid in Australia was approximately 85 and the median age at death approximately 86.

Covid: killing people five minutes behind schedule since 2020.

As of 8 September 2021, there had been 33,227,789 Covid tests performed in Australia. Only 0.19% of these have been positive.

Testing was only ever about producing Big Scary Numbers.

In 2020 there were 141,116 deaths recorded in Australia. 909 (0.64%) of these were Covid related.

But let’s destroy lives and businesses and families anyway. Gotta be sure, right?

If it saves just one life…

Surely it’s worth ending two lives to achieve that.

And so to the words.

Courtesy of The Other Side Australia, Queensland’s Chief Health Officer and next Governor (we don’t elect them over here… story for another time) Jeanette Young loses her shit.

Last week’s episode of The People’s Project featured champion basketballer Andrew Bogut and Victorian Liberal MP Richard Riordan. Bogut proves that there are still a few people around with a conscience bigger than their wallets. And Riordan seems a fairly decent human being for a Victorian Liberal.

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Not one of mine. But I love it as if it were.

Raises the question: will there be any quintuple vaxxers to turn on the quadruple vaxxers?

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Self-awareness deficit: 100 percent.

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Shitfuckery and bungstains.

If you like your news delivered with an abundance of bad language from beautiful women, I recommend The Juice Media.

During these trying times it’s good to know that there’s still one place providing mellifluous obscenities in bulk.

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The resistance endures!

A little context here for you furriners. And the Premier’s name is officially pronounced ‘Pallishay’. But given the spelling – Palaszczuk – and the ill will she has created for herself, I think it’s Premier Palachook all the way forward from here.

Fuck courtesy.

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Let the “Mine’s bigger than yours” jokes begin.

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They’ve found another one! B.1.621 – that’s Mu to you.

It was first detected in Colombia in January this year. According to Science Focus the Mu variant has been responsible for 852 cases. No mention of deaths.

For a virus that originated in Escobar territory, it seems incredibly fucking lazy.

Expect all the horror threats and warnings about Delta to be churned out again for Mu. Coronavirus! Promoting recycling since 2021!

But perhaps I’m laughing too soon. I went to the local supermarket this morning, and found MATURED CHRISTMAS PUDDINGS have gone on sale.

Do they know something I don’t?

Will Mu be the real thing? The Captain Trips variant?

Should we all be making early Yuletide before Covid finally unleashes its total killing power?

Probably not. This is the same store that puts Hot Cross Buns out on Boxing Day.

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Lockdownunder Update: the game’s moved up a level.

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has been served.

Follow the link to an interview with serving lawyer Jonathan Andrews.

The man himself.

Reignite Democracy Australia says there is more news to come on the legal front, next from New South Wales. Good! I’m sure we’d all love to see another tanty from Brad Hazzard.

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