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Not that I’ve seen it often.

Not so far, anyhow.
That Look

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The Comeback of 2016

… comes from the Comb Over of the Decade.

Comeback of 2016

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He’s slumming, and everybody knows it.

I'm Deeply Disappointed

The joke is that the WA of Western Australia stands for Wait Awhile. But this rather takes the honey off the humour.

WA Coroner announces inquest into 1975 death of Perth brothel madam Shirley Finn.

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And how that all got started with Gina and Phyllis was…

I was searching youtube for one particular moment from The Muppet Show.

Here it is.

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The Pin Up Princess and the Beauty Queen.

Gina Elise


founder of Pin Ups for Vets.

Phyllis George

PG crowning

Miss America 1971. (Also, Miss Texas 1970.)

What do they have in common?

Respect for the troops, for one thing. Gina and her PUFV ladies have visited VA hospitals across the US. In 2011 she made a visit to the Army hospital in Landstuhl, Germany with author Michael Z Williamson… lucky bastard.

GE and MZW

Phyillis visited the troops in Vietnam, in September of 1971.

Phyllis George Vietnam 1971

“Though it may sound corny, seeing the guys’ faces light up gives us the needed energy. They are the people who keep us going.”

Being Miss America has been a tremendous learning experience, she said.

“I discovered a lot about myself, about qualities I didn’t know I had, such as self-discipline and humility.”

Two qualities Phyllis shares with Gina. This part sounds familiar too.

“You just don’t pick up your evening gown and go to a pageant,” she said. “It takes a lot of hard work.”

And there’s one more connection. Would you believe… hairspray?

Phyllis didn’t make it on to the can, as Gina did.


but she did appear in the commercial.


NB: The photo of Phyllis signing autographs sourced from a collection of photos taken at a USO show. Full set here.

Click on the can of hairspray to go to the website of Valor’s producer, Beauty & Pin-Ups.

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If Americans had listened to me four years ago…

… they’d be in a very different place today.

ron mary uncensored final

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Thoughts From A Pin-Up On This Independence Day.

Pin Ups For Vets founder and original star Gina Elise:

I am not a “talker”. I am a “doer.” So I decide to do something positive. I created a WWII-style pin-up calendar that would raise money to support the Veteran and Troop community in many ways, from providing state-of-the-art rehab equipment to VA & Military hospitals nationwide, to our “50-state Hospital Tour,” where we have visited and delivered appreciation gifts to over 10,000 Veterans at VA Hospitals, Military Hospitals, and State Veterans Homes.

Article in full here.

Quite an achievement, Gina. Keep up the good work.

And what more excuse do I need to post a few pictures?

Gina as bridesmaid

Gina water nymph

Gina Jaws

Lake Arrowhead in the background.

Gina Leopard Harley

One more time – here’s that link.

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They’ve woken up my meme mojo. Serves them right.

There will be more to come, I suspect.

I don't care who wins

I've got letters

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Post election, early impressions.

7:30 am the morning after.

Still early, but as it’s shaping up the new parliament might be pretty much what I hoped for: no majority in the House and power scattered among minority parties in the Senate. I would much rather see a few years of stalemate in Canberra than either Labor or Liberal implement their programs. Which are essentially indistinguishable anyway. The Libs, just right of centre traditionally, aimed themselves at the left this time around.

It cost them badly; they’ve taken a beating. Two million Labor voters jumped the fence for Tony Abbott in 2013. They’ve now jumped back and taken a few more with them.

Turnbull should go. Had he demonstrated some leadership after taking Abbott down, he might have won back some of the Delcon demographic. But he has proven himself utterly useless. He got the top job and had not a single clue about what to do with it.

Shorten, in the event he becomes PM, will not last a full term. Not on recent Labor form, anyhow. The man who helped bring down two leaders can hardly make a claim that the troops be loyal to him. As it stands though Labor is unlikely to win. If there was any real likelihood of that, the ABC would already be crowning Bill as our new national leader.

Counting has ended, and will not resume until Tuesday.

Speaking of mornings after, this pic sums it up very well.

Babes and bones

These innocent ladies have been seduced by handsome men with sweet promises. Soon they will awaken, and find their beaus are in truth a swarm of bony, hungry bastards.

Find me a voter who hasn’t known that experience!

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