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…even if I didn’t personally come out of it.

Oh dear… there’s a voice in the back of my head, and it’s whispering Mothers Day card….

Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 17, 2017

Wonder Woman.

Now I’m frightened and aroused too.

There’s a fine interview with Gal Gadot here. Head along and read it – I’ll be here when you come back. Still frightened and aroused. Bet on it.

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There are some things you can hide under your jumper.

And some you can’t.

I’ve done it again.
American commenter on another website:
I’m not disappointed with the British election results because I already wrote the UK off as a lost cause years ago.
Seriously, last year their subjects freaked the fuck out over the idea of being in charge of their own country.
Hang on – how do you think you looked when you elected Obama twice?

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Australia and D-Day.

Marking the day with a piece written on the 70th anniversary by Dr Lachlan Grant, historian at the Australian War Memorial.
Many might dismiss Australia’s contribution to the Normandy campaign as something of a token effort. But this does not do justice to the memory of those who served and those who died in the fighting. While the overall number of Australians was small in comparison with the millions mobilised in Europe, for a small nation they are not insignificant – especially considering that in the course of the war a total of 27,000 Australian airmen served in the European theatre.
World War II in Europe was not fought simply for balance-of-power politics. It was fought for bigger ideals, making the battle for Normandy and its commemoration important to Australia. It matters for the simple reason that Australia was a proactive participant in a coalition standing united against Hitler’s murderous and criminal regime, which rejected the most basic democratic and civil rights as well as the liberal ideals on which our society is founded.

The full article can be read here.

One of the Australian pilots who fought and died at Normandy in June 1944 was Flight Lieutenant Henry Smith.

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Anyone for barbecued penguin?

To mark America’s exit from the Paris Climate Accord, I thought I’d beat the Chicken Littles to the punch.

My home town has been a particular target of the Global Warming Cabal. In 2004, Tim Flannery warned that drought would turn Perth into a ghost metropolis – the first major victim of man’s climatic folly.

Yeah, right.

The summer just gone was the wettest on record.

Flan-man’s opinion on our chances of being mosquitoed to death has not been sought.


By the 23rd Century nearly all known supplies had been exhausted.

Gene Roddenberry wanted to call the show Covfefe Trek.

Via The Daily Caller:

Students at Evergreen State College are furious that a video documenting their anarchic behavior has been made public… Activists are not pleased that the embarrassing video can now be seen by the world on the internet, and they they are demanding that the “stolen” document be “taken down” by this Friday.

It ain’t pretty, or polite. You have been warned.

Recruiters across America are adding ‘Evergreen graduate’ to their lists of red flags… but don’t skip the rest of the article at the Caller.

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And there goes the first.

Roger Moore meets Saint Peter, courtesy of
The New Yorker and cartoonist Kim Warp.

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It’s not just Mothers Day in Australia…

It’s also Deployed Mothers Day.

Thanks to the Australian Defence Force in the Middle East page on Facebook.

They are of course even better in the full size image. Click!

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