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#StateDaddy gets a spanking.

Perth’s three day lockdown snuffed more than just the ANZAC Day services. Restaurant and Catering Australia CEO Wes Lambert estimates that $7 million dollars worth of edibles would be either donated or thrown away.

It’s not like you can just say, ‘OK let’s turn the key on the door and save that inventory till Tuesday when we can reopen.’

Mr Lambert is asking the state government to cough up some compensation for the businesses that can’t open and shut in the same easy manner as the Premier issues decrees.

Masks are still mandatory if you go outside until 12:01 next Saturday morning. You have to wonder why.

Two locally acquired infections have been found from more than 37,000 tests after the virus leaked out of Perth’s Mercure quarantine hotel. Apart from that, donuts. But if the Premier can be believed, we’re just one unruly anti-masker away from turning Western Australia in 2021 into Europe circa 1346.

Surprisingly, Premier McClown (now that IS spreading around the state) is getting some heat from the mainstream ie lefty media in this town. The above links go to stories at the ABC and Perth Now. Both reports soft-pedal their criticisms but it’s a wonder that they are critical at all.

Heather McNeill at WA Today:.

Perth’s first snap lockdown in January ordered two million people to stay at home for five days after a hotel security guard tested positive for the virus.

That decision was made despite the source of the infection being known and the man’s housemates returning negative results during rapid two-hour tests that same day.

Hundreds of the 26-year-old’s close and casual contacts were ordered to complete 14 days of isolation to ensure they were not incubating the virus.

Not a single other community case was detected.

That lockdown cost the hospitality industry an estimated $500 million, state coffers $120 million, and a $43 million small business stimulus package was provided by the state government afterward to try to ease the blow.

This lockdown crap gets expensive real quick.

The election is still close in the rear view mirror, and maybe the local media feel secure throwing a few brickbats right now. Most likely they will return to their normal position, ie well and truly up the Premier’s backside, as the next vote looms up on the horizon.

But McGowan’s actions have caught the attention of national and even international observers, and they won’t be so pliant. Mark Steyn, no less, devoted a few minutes of his show to give #StateDaddy a few whacks. (Thanks for the link to Bucky, fellow commenter at Paco’s blog).

And then there’s the unforgiving Rita Panahi. Her sledging almost makes the hassle of lockdown completely worthwhile.


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And now, in a lighter military vein…

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A lockdown moment.

Couple walking past, taking their dog to the park. She had a mask on, he didn’t.
The modern definition of a mixed marriage.
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ANZAC Day 2021.

The words of Lt Colonel Ralph Honner to the men of the 39th Battalion:

Now I don’t know a lot of you by name, but I know you. We met at Isurava. We fought there together and every step of the way here. Now we are relieved and we will leave the battle.

And every day the enemy supply line stretches further. He suffers now as you have suffered.

The battle we fought for the track may have just saved your nation. At Imita we will stop him.

Brigadier wants you to know… your gallantry, your courage, your fortitude are an inspiration. And I want you to know that you are some of the finest soldiers that I have ever seen.

You have seen things in this place that no man should witness. Some of these things you must forget. But history will remember you, and in the years to come others will wish that they had your conviction.

And remember…remember the glory is not the exhortation of war, but the exhortation of man. Man’s nobility, made transcendent in the fiery crucible of war.

Faithfulness and fortitude. Gentleness and compassion.

I am honored to be your brother.

The 39th.
Lt Colonel Ralph Honner.

The 39th, despite loss of personnel and morale, had successfully impeded the Japanese advance along the Kokoda Trail in New Guinea during September 1942. They owed much of their effectiveness in this fighting retreat to Honner himself, who had already demonstrated his leadership skills fighting in Greece.

We could use a few more like him in today’s army.

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#StateDaddy strikes again.

I got back from lunch yesterday afternoon and the office was buzzing with the news that the Premier (head of the state government, for the uninitiated) was going to make a public statement at 2.

This gent spoke for many of us as we waited.

In typical drama queen style, Premier Mark McGowan kept as waiting for half an hour. But soon enough he fulfilled my gloomy expectations. Owing to three cases of covid – contracted while the subjects were confined to a hotel, three cheers for quarantine! – the entire city of Perth was going into lockdown from 6pm. No going out unmasked, no going out unless you have a reason… and forget about ANZAC Day services around the metropolitan area. Which is a neat way out of the covid/ANZAC conflict for the government:

It comes after a week clouded in frustration over crowd capacity limits under previous COVID-19 restrictions had forced sub-branches to either strip back or can their planned events.

Problem solved! Plus, another reason to extend the State of Emergency.

Premier McGowan certainly has a sense of timing. The last lockdown was followed by a week of compulsory masks, which came to an end at 12:01 am on February 14. Yep, masks off just in time for Valentines Day!

Everyone loves Mark! Or at least enough of us to give his party a majority in both houses at the recent election. Sweet tears of Heaven, will four years be enough to persuade my fellow West Australians that that was a very fucking serious mistake?

The evidence suggests not.

Before the Premier had even fronted the press conference, panic buying had began across the city. Shoppers stripped supermarkets in preparation for a potential lockdown, with some already wearing masks and gloves.

Someone smarter than me said that in all the great apocalyptic disaster movies people strive to find the last safe haven on Earth, or the weapon that will make mincemeat of the bad guys, or the computer nerd who knows the glitch in the programming that can disable the evil genius computer. What happens in real life? We fight over toilet paper and spaghetti.

It’s true what Kurt Schlichter says. Some people love the pandemic.

PS: Funnily enough, I heard what amounted to an expression of dissent earlier in the week. On the local sports radio station, one of the presenters referred to the Premier as ‘Chairman Mark’ and then, in the next breath, as ‘Dear Leader’. He certainly picked that one right.

The Royal Australian Navy recently commissioned a new vessel, and a dance troupe was brought in to deliver a touch of colour and movement to the proceedings.

Navy. So, the dance looked a little something like this?

Not quite. The 101 Doll Squadron

have a more, well, contemporary style.

Sufficient WTF there. But then Australia’s Bulldusting Crackheads took it that one step further.

We are very disappointed at the ABC’s deceptive editing of their video piece which cut to guests and dignitaries who were not in attendance and shooting from angles which could not be seen by the audience.

Technical problems, no doubt, but In a statement, the ABC apologised and said it had updated its footage to reflect the fact that the governor general and chief of navy were not in attendance for the dance routine.

Still, I’d like to know who WAS there to witness the 101 Doll Squadron’s performance. I mean, don’t we have a few perfectly choreographed military lads of our own?

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Family conversation, 2121 style.

“Mum, Dad, I want to be a girl.”
“David! That’s wonderful news! We’re so proud of you!”
“And I want to stay up all night watching tv and eating ice cream.”
“Really? Newsflash, junior. Seven year olds don’t get to that in this house.”

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Covid from the Indian perspective.

Yes, 850 died of covid recently in a day, but 27,000 die every day in India

…After one year of the pandemic, though, we are no longer at the mercy of ridiculous models. We know a lot more – enormously more – about the lethality of the virus. We can say without the slightest hesitation that covid is not a major pandemic by any stretch of imagination.

Via Catallaxy Files.

Meanwhile, here in The Great South Land, Canberra has dropped its vaccination targets. Like careless pedestrians who step on a barker’s egg, they have something nasty to scrape off their shoes.

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Outstanding ladies of the month.

First, of course, is Pin Up In Chief Gina Elise, who made the turn into the home stretch for 40 a few days ago.

Why is Perth in April like Gina at 39? They’re both still hot!*

A bit of twirl, a bit of tease – hell, if I got the chance to chase Gina through a fine old Californian mansion I’d think it was MY birthday.

Not too long now before Gina will start preparing the 2022 calendar. Meanwhile, the covers of all the previous calendars are now available as – fridge magnets!

(*Embarrassing admission: as I prepare this post, it’s not hot at all in Perth – it’s cold and the rain is bucketing down. Some jokes have a use-by date, and that one should have been used by last Friday.)

Also celebrating her birthday – with a much bigger cake, to accommodate 100 candles – is Phyllis ‘Pippa’ Latour Doyle, the spy who stayed undercover until well after the war’s end.

These excerpts are taken a lengthy article about Pippa’s service and her training for the SOE (Special Operations Executive).

Pippa had six bicycles hidden throughout the countryside that she used to get to and from transmission locations. Her primary role as radio operator in enemy occupied territory in communications and signals requirements meant that Pippa had to be able to memorise codes and she was able to tap out on Morse code at 24 words a minute…

Pippa would bicycle around the countryside and use the hidden radio sets to send reports back to London using the bicycles to recharge radio batteries. She would use the cover of selling soap, including to German soldiers. She knew how to blend in enemy occupied territory where Gestapo and SS were everywhere. She would converse with German troops portraying herself as an over talkative, innocent non-threat.

Pippa was awarded the French Legion of Honour in 2014. To be fair to the French, they weren’t tardy in presenting Pippa with her medal; she wanted to put the war behind her. She didn’t even tell her children until twenty years ago. Like I said, she stayed undercover.

That’s how short the time span was between the Challenger explosion and the first joke, back in 1986.

The Duke of Edinburgh was granted a similar period of respectful restraint. Which has now ended.

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