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More Hitlerbabble from Hollywood. Daniel Nussbaum responds.

Leighton Meester, minor-league actress, gets a wish:

Trump would not be elected. That’s all…Before Trump, I would have said that Hitler was never born.

Mr Nussbaum’s neatly understated response:

Adolf Hitler oversaw the slaughter of six million Jews, as well as the murders of millions of others, including Polish, Serbian, and Russian political prisoners; the mentally and physically handicapped (who often underwent forced sterilization); gypsies, and gay people in concentration camps across Europe during World War II. The Nazi Holocaust of Europe’s Jews — who were singled out for destruction — is considered the most infamous genocide in modern history. Hitler’s victims were gassed to death, forced on so-called “death marches,” lined up to be shot in firing lines, and had their remains burned in crematoriums. Others starved to death or died from illnesses and diseases spread throughout the camps.

Trump was elected president on November 8, 2016, and it was not immediately clear which of his policies could be reasonably compared to the death and destruction wrought by Hitler.

On second thoughts, that’s not really relevant to the occasion, is it?

Let me see if I can find some women of remarkable achievement… yes! Here we are!

Okay, okay, okay. Tell you what. Let’s forget those two offerings and join hands in honour of the women in uniform who do so much to keep us safe.


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Damn, I hope those reporters read Breitbart.

Breitbart’s running a story about Tom Hanks having donated a new coffee machine to the White House Press Corps. Among the comments, this from The Demon Slick:
People don’t realize that Hanks is a closet conservative and before he has the machines delivered he takes a few moments and rubs his testicles all over them.

... it's down there, somewhere, under Tom's manly essence...

… it’s down there, somewhere, under Tom’s manly essence…

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Don’t wave off the paper documents just yet.

Working in Records Management, I’m watching the digitisation of corporate files turn file rooms into empty spaces. There are advantages to digital storage, namely, convenience and speed. You can get a look at that file any time of the day or night from anywhere in the world.

Personally, though, I’m sticking with the external HD here on my desk. And I believe that the single-copy paper document, stored in a box on a shelf in a secure location, will make a comeback just like the vinyl LP.

The convenience of digital storage is somewhat diminished when the server holding your document goes down. Hello, Amazon! Did someone kick the plug out at the wall?

It’s also becoming obvious that ‘secure’ doesn’t always mean secure. Stories of intrusion or failure are becoming common – and often, even then, long after the fact. Nobody’s quite sure what damage had been done through Heartbleed before it was detected back in 2014. Yahoo, bless their hears, chose to not bother their customers over that little problem with their email accounts for two years.

And then, there’s those inevitable office screwups that don’t require Chinese or Russian assistance.

Click around Windows Explorer on a PC or Finder on a Mac, and one day you’re bound to accidentally perform some dumb file operation like dragging a folder into another one by mistake.

Well, somebody managed to create a copy of the office Dropbox folder inside the Dropbox folder, and that triggered a cascading series of duplications of several terabytes of data as each repetition of the folder attempted to create a copy of the entire folder, including itself, within itself.

Solution? Give up and start over.

Peter Moon has the story at the AFR.


(Image via Wallpaper Safari. Text applied with roflbot.)

UPDATE: What happens when a file enters its own portal?

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Leslie Jones has a case of the Samuel L Jacksons.

Say ‘Black Lives Matter’ again. Say ‘Black Lives Matter’ again, I dare you. I DOUBLE dare you, motherfucker! Say ‘Black Lives Matter’ one more Goddamn time!



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The Anti Oscars 2017: the main event.

(This piece is written in the wake of the news that actor Bill Paxton has suddenly died from complications following surgery. The awards may take a very different angle to what I’ve anticipated here out of respect for Mr Paxton. I hope they do.)

The nominations are called. The performances are reviewed in brief video clips. Finally, the envelope is opened:

“The winner is….”

The crowd applauds as the actor strides through them, down the aisle and up the steps. He accepts the small statuette, shakes hands and kisses the presenters, and then – after a momentary contemplation of his prize – takes the podium.

“There can be no greater prize than the respect of the people who work alongside you. Thank you for this award. It’s a tremendous honour. There are some very special people I have to thank… and I’ll get to that in a moment.”

The actor stiffens slightly. His mouth tightens.

“Tonight, we are gathered here in celebration of our craft, and our industry. But the truth is that in America, right now, there’s precious little to celebrate. Our country has fallen into a darkness. A darkness the likes of which has not threatened this land since the Black Death swept the early colonies during the 1820s.” The audience has grown sombre and attentive. “This is not a time to celebrate… It is not. A time. To Celebrate. And so I say, on behalf of all civilised and decent and caring Americans…


The auditorium erupts in applause and raucous cheers as the actor continues. “You bastard! You think you bought us all with your crooked election? No way, man! No fucking way! The people will take this country back from you and Hollywood is here to show them how it’s done!” The actor has been thumping his award, clutched in his fist, on the podium. Suddenly he brings it down hard and smashes the award to pieces. Now with both fists slamming down he begins chanting: ‘NO! NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO – ” The actor suddenly explodes, live on camera, leaving only a light shower of tinsel and a strong whiff of bovine ordure.

The audience stares in horror, hands frozen in mid-clap. Then the applause begins again, even more frenzied than before. A new benchmark in righteous fury has been set. Nobody wants to be seen falling short. “NO NO NO NO NO NO!” chant the assembled celebrities. Fighting breaks out across the auditorium. Wigs and hairpieces are knocked adrift. Expensive dentalwork falls victim to heavily bejeweled fists. Gut-shrinking corsets are exposed on the men; padded bras are torn off the women.

BANG! An actress goes off in tinsel and oppressive stench. On the far side of the auditorium an alleged comedian stands over his bloodied female companion and throws his head back to howl like a rabid beast. When he goes off, she screams until she too explodes. Celebrities begin exploding everywhere, each one a prod to greater outrage and violence. The fury climaxes in a mass explosion that consumes all who remain. The blast is large enough to register a clear spike on earthquake monitors.

Television networks cut into the broadcast, apologising for ‘technical difficulties’ and switching to emergency programs.  Footage captured by the fifteen people who were watching at home is uploaded and Youtube’s servers crash within an hour. Twitter is dominated for weeks by #bestoscarsever.

Six months later the building is demolished. ‘A great loss,’ says the city’s mayor before he triggers the explosives. ‘But the fact is, we just couldn’t get the stink out of the walls… time to put on your gas masks, ladies and gentlemen.’


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The Anti Oscars 2017: the people hear you, Barbara!

Breitbart reports that former US Senator Barbara Boxer has invited guests at the Oscars to speak politically at the event, saying ‘If you have a stage, use it.’

That is a simplification of the words that Babs delivered. As far as I can tell, though, that’s the gist of her message. Follow the link above: if your deciphering of her hedging and doublespeak leads you to a different conclusion, say so here.

The messages down in the comments section are far more direct and easy to comprehend:

Do it, you’re not hated enough yet.

Yeah, if you have a stage, use it … that way the American people will know you for who you really are. These people just don’t get it. They think, by screaming louder, being more violent, that freedom-loving Americans are going to capitulate. We cannot, we must not. We must solidify behind Trump and make it very clear that we intend to win.

Please, let them talk. My grandpa use to tell me all the time, “Idiots only sound smart until they open their mouth”. I want to know my enemies.

This is like trying to see who can lean the farthest out the window while driving 90 MPH down a freeway. Have the Dems seen how Box Office receipts are treating Hollywood Liberals?

‘If You Have a Stage, Screech Like a Deranged Harpy’

I hope they keep this up, Trump could pull a Reagan in 2020 and win nearly every state.

Socialists love “the masses” it’s just “the people” they don’t like.

I have a huge record and cd collection that features possibly hundreds of performers with left wing opinions. Not once have I even remotely considered taking them as my guide and mentor in political matters.

If you have a remote control, use it!

And my favourite:


Two men within the artistic community are bucking the trend. Conservative street artist Sabo – yeah, ‘conservative’ and ‘street artist’ in the same sentence; but there it is! – has cunningly placed mock Oscars publicity posters across LA.


Sabo has struck before – take that, George Lucas!


And former Bond bad guy Robert Davi has taken a similar stand against the Hollywood Hellspawn.

There are good people. I respect everyone’s living, everyone’s point of view, that’s what America is about,” he said. But I understand when I see the vitriol, and the continued misrepresentation of certain things, or the exaggeration of certain things, carried to a point that they shouldn’t be — and that’s what we see happening now.

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The Anti Oscars 2017: the preliminaries.

Actors have lent themselves to all sorts of political messages in the past, but the 2016 presidential election saw an assault from Hollywood worthy of a WW2 movie. Actors lined up to participate


Participate. In videos. About the dangers. Of putting Donald Trump. Into the White House.

He doesn’t belong there.

He’s not fit to hold the office.

He’s the Devil!!!

At the very least, he’s Hitler.

He’s cruel to kittens!

Those celebrity PSA’s are very easy to ridicule. Pomposity and sermonising usually are.

Traditionally the response has been a shrug of the shoulders. That’s showbiz! And life was got on with. But in 2016 the lectured-to demographic finally decided it had had enough. The time had come to give some back.

There were signs that a backlash was coming. Answering fire was first seen in this response to Demand A Plan.

That was back in 2012. The Hollywood Hypocrites went quiet for a while after that… but last year they cranked up the sanctimony up to 11.

And this is what they got in return.

Putting this post together has been the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

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And another question that seems to answer itself…

The New York Times: Are Liberals Helping Trump?

Mrs. O’Connell is a registered Democrat. She voted for Bill Clinton twice. But she has drifted away from the party over what she said was a move from its middle-class economic roots toward identity politics. She remembers Mr. Clinton giving a speech about the dangers of illegal immigration. Mr. Trump was lambasted for offering some of the same ideas, she said.

“The Democratic Party has changed so much that I don’t even recognize it anymore,” she said. “These people are destroying our democracy. They are scarier to me than these Islamic terrorists. I feel absolutely disgusted with them and their antics. It strengthens people’s resolve in wanting to support President Trump. It really does.”

But don’t waste your breath telling that to the Trump haters. They’ll go on smashing and rioting because their cause is just.


And 2020’s Democrat candidate will carry them like a millstone around the neck.

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