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That reminds me…

Isn’t California due for another earthquake?

I was going to put a warning on this… well, here it is.


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Current News – WWII Chapel in Australia + Purple Heart Day

A symbol of the alliance that stands strong today.

Pacific Paratrooper

St. Christopher’s

ROCKHAMPTON, Australia — As 33,000 troops take part in Talisman Saber war games near Rockhampton along the central Queensland coast, a small chapel overlooking a pasture serves as a reminder of when about 70,000 U.S. soldiers called the city home.

The nondenominational Saint Christophers Chapel, built in 1943 by the Army’s 542nd Engineer Battalion, is the only structure remaining from when Rockhampton served as a springboard and training location for Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s World War II island-hopping campaign. The city hosted the 1st Cavalry Division and the 24th, 32nd and 41st infantry divisions on a half-dozen camps between 1942-44.

Along with the open-air, pavilion-style chapel, the grounds include a band rotunda dedicated to a servicemember who helped maintain the chapel decades ago. A concrete pillar from an artillery declination station used by 41st Infantry Division howitzers stands at the chapel’s foot, a

Cliff Hudson, 79, of Sawtell, New…

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Espresso with a danish. Would you like an extended diatribe on the evils of the patriarchy with that?

Alex O’Brien, owner of Melbourne-based vegan cafe Handsome Her, charges male patrons an 18 percent mark up – for one week every month – while the women continue to pay the regular amount… The 18 percent markup reflects the gender pay gap reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistic in 2016. 


If men don’t want to pay it, we’re not going to kick them out the door. It’s just an opportunity to do some good.

What sort of a man would spurn the chance to show solidarity with the sisterhood? That said, it is conceivable that some bogan tradie from the outer suburbs might lose his way and find himself on Alex’s threshold. Brunswick, aka Hipsteropolis, is buried deep among the inner suburbs of Mogadishu-By-The-Yarra. But that isolation might not suffice to such a clash of civilisations.

One customer told Seven News in Melbourne: “I think it’s fair if you think about the world and the gender inequality that we have.”

Changing the world one overpriced vegan treat at a time!




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The week ahead – according to the stars.

Warning: epileptics should consult the I Ching instead.

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Embarrassments abound, south of the Equator.

See something, say something… except if you’re a bank.

Which bank?

FOREIGN criminal syndicates including major drug traffickers were able to launder millions of dollars through Australia after the Commonwealth Bank allegedly failed to comply with strict money laundering and counter terrorism financing laws and monitor almost 780,000 accounts.

It’s not been a great week the Great South Land. The story of the synagogue that won’t be built because it might attract the wrong crowd ie jihadist crazies has gone international.

And the cheers over the arrests in relation to a bomb plot have died down after the local cops have been shown to be not so on the ball as we thought.

In essence, a bomb was allegedly carried into Sydney Airport on July 15 to be detonated aboard flight EY451. It never made it aboard. Hundreds of lives were spared. 

But once these details had been digested, one terrifying question lingered: How did nobody in Australia know about a plot that had been ordered in Syria and involved parts being sent from Turkey to Sydney in international air cargo?

And how did the authorities only find out about it nearly two weeks after the plot failed?

Turns out I was happier when you folks thought we had kangaroos hopping through the streets.
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A very Sixties song.

Courtesy of AZLyrics:

I could have gone to Cambridge with Lionel
I think I tried to raise a pound
Just to see the University
And find the scenes she hung around

Is your mind a menagerie
Perhaps, I mean it’s hard to say
A pterodactyl built its nest on me
I’m feeling strange but quite OK
On this beleeka doodle day

Archimedes and his orchestra
Loudly disapprove of life
Got mad when I called them unmusical
Tried to land me with a wife

Out in San Francisco’s wonderland
The purple poet kneels to pray
But I just hang around your city and
I don’t have anything to say
On this beleeka doodle day

I had a week once in Italy
With Mike and Robin and some songs
I had a girl once in Sweden but
I haven’t seen her for too long

I drift down to the Cousins and
The usual people were all there
I saw a girl in the soft red light
I smiled but she looked away
On my beleeka doodle day

I wrote a song just before the dawn
And then I lost it now its gone
I spent all day playing Monopoly
It seemed to feel like getting on

Sometimes I wonder how it feels to be
Paul McCartney or the Queen
I wonder how they’d feel if they were me
I think its gonna start to rain
On this beleeka doodle day

Oh Jack the Ripper and Hippocrates
They’re out to get me in the end
I think they’ll find me by the ruined trees
Without a candle or a friend
Then they’ll bring me to the wizard’s cave
Softly mould me into clay
And lock me in with no telephone
And laugh and throw the keys away
On my beleeka doodle day

So to Avril and I would like to give
My thanks for lending me your room
I stayed one night, ah but I had to go
I think I’ll maybe come back soon

Of all the girls that I have ever known
There wasn’t one who didn’t play
They came and went just like the newspapers
And left me here to find my way
Through my beleeka doodle day

It’s not often these days that the news makes me laugh…
This morning’s 7am report, in its piece about the short stay of Anthony Scaramucci on Donald Trump’s team, sought the opinion of … wait for it… Kevin Rudd.
The Prime Minister who burned through staff like they were made of paper expressed serious concern about the stability of the government in Washington.
I was so busy laughing I missed my bus!

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And hey presto! The spell will be broken.

If Jon Hamm or Jamie Foxx ever get preachy about guns again, lean close and whisper two words in their ear:
Baby Driver.


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And now, a few pictures of the weather.

At this time of the year, the citizens of Perth and southwestern Australia are reminded on a daily basis that they live unprotected from the harsh storms whipped up in the Southern Ocean. Sitting by my window on the seventh floor on Wednesday, I had the perfect view of rain belting down and scattering pedestrians. The streets looked more like rivers as 20mm of liquid sunshine poured itself all over the city in a couple of hours.

In a few months from now, the scene will be very different.

Morton Boe has been a firefighter for more than twenty years, and he’s been up close to many bushfires with his camera.

Winter can be rough in this part of the world. But summer even more so.

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