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Confucius say, 他媽的 是什麼?

(That’s a very approximate translation)

The fun police strike again:

Chinese authorities are cracking down on the practice of hiring strippers as funeral entertainment, a technique some rural families use to increase the turnout at a loved one’s final farewell…

It has urged witnesses to call a special hotline to report any performances, with rewards on offer for informants, according to the state-run Global Times newspaper.

Not what you’d expect in the land of Lao Tzu. Although, as KG pointed out at Crusader Rabbit, Li Po would have approved.

Wine-maker there by Yellow Fountains,
‘Eternal Spring’ that’s still your vintage.
Without Li Po on Night’s Terrace
Who can there be to bring you custom?

– Lament For Mr Tai .


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Say hello to unintended consequences.

Pat Condell haters,  you’ve been turned into a comedy routine.

Really REALLY big language warning.

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15 February 1942: The fall of Singapore.

Percival asked for a cease-fire in two hours, at 7:15 pm. Yamashita agreed, then handed over a document of surrender. Percival started reading it and said, “Will you give me until tomorrow morning?”

Yamashita replied angrily, “If you don’t sign now we shall go on fighting. All I want to know is: do you surrender unconditionally or not?”

Percival went pale and started talking to the interpreter quietly. Yamashita, who later said he was not yelling at Percival but was really angry with the interpreter, who was fired after the ceremony, pointed his finger and shouted, “Yes or no?”

Percival looked at Hishikari and said, with bowed head and faint voice, “Yes.”

Source here.

The capitulation of Singapore has significance well beyond the conflict of World War 2.  Complacent assumptions were swept aside when the ‘impregnable fortress’ fell.

Japanese soldiers had landed in northern Malaya at the same time as their brothers in the navy were attacking Pearl Harbor. Their advance down the Malay Peninsula to the Straits of Johore gave the British forces on Singapore time enough to prepare their defences – and yet they did practically nothing. Lt General Percival, the island’s military commander, became a new standard by which to measure incompetent leadership.

But Percival was only blinkered in the same way as most of his contemporaries. Tokyo’s expansionist vision had been demonstrated in Manchuria a decade before the march on Singapore. But what was that, after all? Asiatics fighting Asiatics. They wouldn’t dare pick a fight with a white man’s army! The attitude of the times is captured perfectly in the words of Sir Shenton Thomas, the wartime governor of Singapore. When the Japanese made their initial landing at Kota Bharu in the early hours of December 8, the governor’s response was ‘Well, I suppose you’ll shove the little men off.’

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

                                                                                                  – Sun Tzu.

History hobbled Singapore’s defenders. They were descended from explorers and conquerors, the men who had risked all in their travels around the world. It was inconceivable that a Japanese land army could overrun Singapore. On the fifteenth of February that unassailable fact was left in the dust.

For Australia the shock of defeat carried a special weight. With Singapore gone it seemed inevitable that Tokyo’s armies would continue the sweep through South East Asia and right on across the Great South Land. Australians had long feared the Yellow Peril, but that was seen as a degenerate corrupting entity. Military might had no part in that picture.

Many of our best troops were already fighting far from home. The fight seemed already lost. The Emperor’s soldiers were invincible! But that was proven to be only another myth – one that our Diggers smashed themselves, at Milne Bay.





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Just this once, break with traditions.

You gave her flowers and chocolates for Valentines Day last year, remember?

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Dave Rubin and the intellectual dark web.

If you haven’t caught up with Dave Rubin on youtube yet, I heartily recommend him.
Unlike Paul Joseph Watson, who presents his observations bullet-point style, Rubin works the other end of the spectrum. He handles the long-format interview as if he’s been doing it since the days of Michael Parkinson, engag his guests in interviews that can roll on for an hour or more.
Rubin identifies as a ‘classic liberal’ as opposed to a modern progressive. His guests have ranged across the political spectrum. And he’s seen something new coming out of the current political and cultural turmoil.

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Two in one day. Has that awful Newman woman taken over my head?

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The Pin Ups For Vets Salute and Boogie.

Hosted last month, once again, by the American Legion Post 43 in Hollywood.

All pics credited to Shane Karns Photography.

Miss President herself – Gina!

Gina, Jennifer, Allie, and Ashley .

Intelligence officer turned pole dancer turned actress, Shannon Corbeil.

The Honey Taps

US navy veteran Jennifer Marshall.

The Beverly Belles.

The Big Kiss! Michelle, Julie, Simone,. Savannah, Jen, Samantha, Melanie, Jill, and Tess.

The Honey Taps in action here, the Beverly Belles deliver a tune here.

And of course, Pin Ups For Vets calendars and other goodies here.

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When Nancy met Cathy.

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Knowing what the news doesn’t tell you is half the battle.

Headline in The West Australian:

Renewed calls for congestion tax as Perth commuters desert train and bus networks.

Perth commuters are continuing to desert the city’s train and bus networks, prompting fresh calls for a congestion tax to make car driving less attractive.

The latest public transport patronage figures show more than two million fewer journeys last year compared with 2016, down to just over 140 million.

I’ve seen a drop in numbers on my daily commute bus route, but I’ve been using that bus for ten years and the drop in numbers was obvious at least five years ago. I’d attribute that to new alternative routes that stick to the main roads rather than meander through the back streets.

Also, as a public transport user, I wouldn’t say my travel times have increased much – which is what I’d expect if there were more people commuting solo in their car.

But the blatant omission from this story is the rising cost of public transport usage. Fares have risen about ten percent every year for the last three or four years. Transperth patrons are beginning to feel like an easy target for greedy governments. Just like smokers – or even motorists!

Call me cynical, but this has the whiff of a softening-up exercise.


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Ten years on, a dud PM recalls his hollow glory.

I remember well the day that Kevin Rudd stood up in Parliament and delivered an apology to that group of indigenous people referred to as the  ‘stolen generations’.

Halleluias from the usual suspects, who jeered at terrible racists like myself. We refused to accept what a great step forward the country had taken. This was a healing moment. In response, Team Not Sorry pointed out that white children had likewise been taken from their parents when they were deemed unfit to for the role; and that indigenous children, far from being ‘stolen’, had often been given up by their parents who knew they couldn’t support or provide for them. But you know, feels before facts… the clash of which resulted in a prolonged shitfight in the Redbubble forums.

The sugar hit didn’t last long. As the apology faded the Recognise campaign was instigated. Another exercise in grand theatre, this would alter the Constitution to recognise the ‘First Nations’ – a term taken from the American native tribes, I believe. Alongside Recognise we endured, inevitably, the same chants of Invasion Day and genocide in the run-up to Australia Day every year. The indigenous voices that spoke out to call for a more intelligent response were dismissed as toxic coconuts – brown on the outside, white on the inside.

And then we had the very special contribution of Tarneen Onus-Williams for the holiday just gone. Fuck Australia. I hope it burns to the ground.

Kevin Rudd, writing in the Herald today, knows exactly where the blame should be laid.

The uncomfortable truth is that governments have flagged in their commitments.

When Canberra is annually pouring tens of billions of dollars into improving the condition of black Australians, what exactly does Kev mean by ‘flagging’?

He seems a little out of touch with the current state of play.

The minor miracle of the National Apology was that it was accepted.

Kev should check in with Tarneen and her friends the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance for an update.

He should take time to read through the readers’ comments on his piece too.

– I am not sorry at all for things that people I have never met may or may not have done to other people I have never met. The people championing this rubbish, such as the lamentable author, are almost inevitably sanctimonious virtue signalling caucasians or ‘Aboriginals’ who appear to have at least as much genetic association with caucasians as they do with indigenous Australians, but who conveniently disown that aspect of their heritage.

-Rudd telling us how well he did. but that his successors have failed to follow up on his genius. what a surprise.

-There should be a public audit of where the many millions of public [taxpayers] dollars goes to & how it is spent. That is the only way it could go to those that need it. The aboriginal industry should be called to account.

-Rudd said Sorry and what has changed, Nothing, not a dammed thing, for all the chest pumping Rudd did at the time and clearly is still doing about a few words nothing has actually changed for those living in remote communities. The really sad thing is Rudd actually thinks saying sorry changed things for the better, its a pity he didn’t put as much effort into some real solutions where it matters. 

-Go away Kevin, you are a embarrassment to this country.

Amen to that!




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