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Animal Farm Goes To Canberra.

The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

I know exactly what you mean, Mister Orwell.

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Malcolm Turnbull has a Christmas wish.

Politics here in The Great South Land has been interesting lately. I’ll make some time to write about it over the Christmas break.

Who knows, by then I might be writing this useless clown’s eulogy. That’s MY Christmas wish.

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With many and profound apologies to Peggy Lee (among others).

A Navy sarge went walking out one bright and sunny day
Upon a ridge he rested as he went along his way
When all at once a shocking scrawl of manly parts he saw
A-plowing through the ragged sky and up the cloudy draw

Yippie yi yaaaay
Yippie yi ohhhhh
Ghost Dicks in the sky!

Their balls were still on fire and their shafts were proud and high
Their veins were red and throbbing and their hot jizz burnt his eyes
A bolt of fear went through him as they thrust across the sky
For he saw the Navy pilots, and he heard their whooping cry

Yippie yi yaaaay
Yippie yi ohhhhh
Ghost Dicks in the sky!

If you have no idea what this is about, read here.

And if you don’t recognise the musical reference, listen here.

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A Revelation ’16 postscript.

Last year I highlighted the truly bizarre Atmo Horrox

and the equally bizarre – and local – Hairy Soul Man.

ATMO is yet to get a DVD release, but continues to warp the minds of unsuspecting moviegoers around the world. Over the next few weeks it will be doing the Catafusey thing all over the Hyper Hybrid Film Festival in Munich.

Catafuse was also spotted recently outside a bar. No pockets means nowhere to carry a wallet. Or an ID.

Must be thirsty work too, carrying those balloons all day.

Local talent Hairy Soul Man has recently taken himself off to the United States and is gathering a sizable crowd of followers. Some of them are still in one piece! Well, that won’t last long.

Look out for these guys in your neighbourhood. And I don’t mean that in the ‘call the cops’ sense.


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Five fantastic films from Rev 2017, part 2.

You’ll find part 1 here. Now, read on…



On the ship of life, Dave was down in steerage.  He wanted to Do Something, but somehow never did.

Then, one day, he did Do Something. Something Incredibly Big.

But Dave’s creative juices had been bottled up for too long. They’d fermented. Or curdled. Either way, they rather tainted what Dave made.

It was not good.

In fact, it was downright murderous.

It’s much bigger on the inside! Well, so was the TARDIS. On the other hand, the TARDIS wasn’t a deathtrap of carnivorous cardboard.

Dave Made A Maze is available on DVD and Blu Ray. There aren’t many Rev features that could be described as fun for all the family, but you’ve got one here.

High five!


My top pick for Rev ’17 was more than just a movie. I call it

and it started here.

Car salesman turned male model, George Lazenby took the role of 007 from three thousand other hopefuls – and then dropped it after one film. Safe to say that his subsequent career in movies wasn’t all that it might have been. George accepts his missteps with regret but no self-pity. Right or wrong, the choices were all his.

Rev screened On Her Majesty’s Secret Service in tandem with Becoming Bond, and George was on hand to answer questions from the audience after both features.

Travis Johnson from FILMINK hosted the Q&A’s. Note his expression. Travis displayed that face many times. Because one documentary isn’t enough to tell the story of George Lazenby’s life. He had plenty more stories to tell in person! And as each story unrolled Travis would be sitting there thinking How the hell do I follow this? To be fair, though, if Travis had looked out into the audience he would have seen the same dumbstruck expression on our faces too.

Some people might think George has embellished his record here and there. My reply is – why would he? The facts are incredible enough!

My brush with fame! And my personally autographed memento of my meeting with George Lazenby, Australia’s one and only 007. This photo speaks to those three thousand actors George left in the dust. It says I’m James Bond. And you’re not.


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Five fantastic films from Rev 2017, Part 1.

The Revelation Film Festival, still here in its home town of Perth, has been running since 1997.

In other words, it’s been running at least five years longer than my parents’ marriage.

Founder, organiser, and original projectionist Richard Sowada got the ball rolling with a few odd movies in an unused corner of the basement at His Majesty’s Theatre. From there Rev has spread out across the city and around the world.

And sometimes I may ask myself:
“My God – what have I done?”

Sponsorship in the early years came from a magazine titled REVelation. The magazine folded many years ago, but its title has adhered to the event through a few changes and adjustments. The name has nothing in it that’s Biblical or apocalyptic. As Ava Gardner never said,  Perth might be the end of the world but it’s the perfect place for a film festival. And now REVonDemand offers you chance to catch what you missed. Many selections from past years can be found there to rent, buy, or view for free.

Rev has always been eclectic, and this year’s program was no exception.

Orange Sunshine combines present-day interviews with  recreated scenes to tell the story of The Brotherhood of Eternal Love. The BEL was a group of young Americans who not only lived the alternative lifestyle but manufactured and marketed it; their particular version of LSD, which gives the documentary its name, was exceptionally pure and therefore had fewer negative side effects. The Brotherhood made Laguna Beach a magnet for hippies; naturally the forces of law took an interest too, and among the recreations (skillfully doctored to resemble grainy 8mm home movies) there’s a moment where the makers are confronted by a police officer – and shove him into a swimming pool. Law-abiding citizen that I am, the copper’s dunking nevertheless made me chuckle.

Orange Sunshine completes an informal trilogy with Timothy Leary’s Dead and The Substance: Albert Hoffman’s LSD – which I compared here. The Sixties have been a recurring feature in Rev’s program with documentaries about The Doors, The Weather Underground, and Hunter S Thompson. And when you talk about the Sixties, inevitably, you talk about the Cold War.

Yugoslav Space Program: Myth Or Reality? Houston We Have A Problem is a documentary, except that it’s not factual. Not entirely factual. Director Žiga Virc has delivered a film that craftily blurs the line between truth and lie. Yugoslavia, so we’re told, had a space program. It didn’t go so well, but Yugoslav dictator Marshal Tito managed to flog it to Washington and NASA for a tasty $2.5 billion. America’s own attempts to break the bounds of gravity were failing over and over at the time, so it must have seemed a bargain. When they realised they’d bought a lemon they were furious. Still, America did put a man on the Moon by the end of the decade. Maybe Tito gave them a hand up after all.

That’s the bare bones of the tale. Putting it down here in black and white I wonder at my own credulity. How was I ever drawn to believe this absurd tale? During the film, though, I was less detached. It drew me in despite my skepticism. I was conned, but entertainingly so, and for only the price of a ticket.

Keith Maitland made his Revelation debut with Tower, a documentary about America’s first mass shooting.

Tower tells the story of Charles Whitman’s victims through their own words, presenting them as animated versions of their younger selves. The technique is a contrast to the invented footage used in Orange Sunshine; Tower calls to mind Richard Linklater’s A Scanner Darkly and Waking Life, but without their surreal elements. This was my first movie for 2017 and it was absolutely gut-wrenching. Maitland’s avatars detail the events of August 1 1966, the fear and the heroism, with remarkable impact.

Tower is available through Amazon Video and on disc.

Follow this link to part 2.

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Marking a year of POTUS Trump II.

2012: After a year of irrelevance, Occupy Perth resorts to auditory harrassment.

The pot banging, a.k.a. casserole march, may seem an uninteresting action on the surface. It might be more interesting if we were to coordinate an energy-blackout, some sort of online protest or hack, or a boycott that would more directly affect the savage system of capitalism.

2017: After a year of irrelevance, TrumpHate Inc resorts to auditory harrassment.

This time, at least, the caterwauling crybabies can point to a predecent. The precedent set by the not-quite president.

The Democratic presidential nominee, anticipating the postelection reaction of many of her supporters, began shouting profanities, banging tables, and turning objects not nailed down into projectiles.

Talk of projectiles leads to thoughts of projection.

Temperament. Indeed, madam.

But there was one who upstaged even Hilldebeest’s petulance.

Where’s the owner of this today?

Last I saw, they’d become setup to the punchline in one of the best memes of 2016.

Here’s to another three years of Hillary not being President!

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Marking a year of POTUS Trump I.

All my memes related to the big event of 2016, gathered together to mark the anniversary of Donald Trump’s election as President. Arranged in something that resembles chronological order. Or logical order. Or something.



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Even a Pin Up Princess has a dark side.

Did you ever get that test at school? The ‘make up a story about this picture’ test?

I did. I was crap.

I’m much better at it now.

Gina: When I get my hands on the #^%&*!!! who ate my last piece of chocolate…
Shannon: Absolutely! You go, girl! (Stuffs wrapper down back of chair)

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Too many jokers in this House of Cards.

Colour me confused.

It seems that Netflix had decided some time ago that there would be a sixth season of House of Cards, but that would be the last season. Made sense, right? Underwood V Underwood! Two go in, but only one comes out. We all wanted to see that.

Or maybe none comes out. Also an option.

But earlier this week Kevin Spacey’s sexual predations hit the news bigger than a Royal Family double wedding. Netflix suspended production. From ‘one more season and that’s it’ to ‘nope, sorry, no season six’.

Now they’ve fired Mr Spacey.

Why would they do that unless the sixth season was going ahead?

President Underwood MkI might be gone, but President Underwood MkII is as close as America will get to having a woman CIC for the next few years.

Here’s one possible workaround.

Episode One, Scene One: President Claire Underwood returns to the Oval Office after the funeral of her husband.

White House flunky answers her call.

“Yes ma’am?”

“I’d like tea and scones please.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“And remind me not to drink before attending funerals from now on.”

“Oh ma’am, I think it was the drinking during the funeral that was the mistake. Also, the rebel yells and waving your hat around seemed inappropriate too.”

Fuck you, asshole.


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