The Australian Army’s Unrecovered War Casualties Unit hopes to identify at least some of the thousands of Diggers who fought and died abroad.

Story here.


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25 April 2017: their spirit lives on.

Perth artist Ian Coate‘s military themed artworks can be viewed here.

Lest We Forget.

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Would you care for some music with your espionage?

Spies Night at the BBC!
The first three themes are Mission Impossible, The IPCRESS File, and North by Northwest. For those alone, brilliantly performed, you should follow the link.
The stream begins with a brief news report – just so you know…
The link expires in a couple of weeks so don’t procrastinate!

Happy Birthday, Adolf! May you spend eternity drinking Satan’s piss in Hell.

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Yeah, I KNOW it’s Easter.

But Uncle Bert insisted that I post his photo today.

And please, don’t ask what he’ll be doing for Christmas. He doesn’t need any encouragement.

(Image courtesy of Beatnik Daddio)

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H P Lovecraft led me to Nicholas Roerich.

Something about the scene reminded me of the strange and disturbing Asian paintings of Nicholas Roerich… Lovecraft,  At The Mountains Of Madness. In which an expedition to Antarctica discovers the remains of a lost civilisation. A civilisation that predated the rise of Man by many millions of years.

The icy southern end of the world was still a vast unexplored territory when Lovecraft wrote in 1931, and he took full advantage of its mystery in this tale of huge cities hidden behind mountain ranges that dwarf Everest. Cleverly, Lovecraft anchored the tale with a few points of authenticity and thus brought the unreal closer to reality. I’ve been to Hobart, where Lovecraft’s expedition stopped over to resupply, but by story’s end the evilly fabled plateau of Leng seemed more solid than Tasmania’s capital.

Some of Lovecraft’s creations have been absorbed so thoroughly into the culture that they are now generally accepted as real. The Necronomicon, I hate to reveal, was not written by the Mad Arab Abdul Alhazared a thousand and more years ago… I assumed at first that Nicholas Roerich was another of Lovecraft’s inventions. Not so: Roerich was born in St Petersburg in 1874 and died in India in 1947.

It’s easy to see why Lovecraft found inspiration in Roerich for his vision of the South Pole.

Mount of five treasures (Two worlds)

Lake of the Nagas

But snowy mountain landscapes were only one element in Roerich’s subject matter.


Visitors from over the sea

Click on all images for a much larger view.

Visit the website of the Roerich Musuem to see more of his artworks. Roerich’s other major legacy is the Roerich Pact, which sounds like great in theory but possibly rather impractical. Roerich was inspired in part by Dostoyevsky’s belief that Beauty will save the world. Maybe one day it will be so…

Star Of The Hero

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Photos… LOTS of photos.

From the Spam folder.

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A slightly religious post.

We all need to test our limits; to lay down a challenge to that person in the mirror. To remind yourself that there are some things you can do without. This year, as always, I gave up self-denial for Lent.

Shall I take him now, Lord?

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Listening and viewing for the season.

The Handsome Family – the band whose moody music made an excellent theme for the first season of True Detective – get some religion here.

Later I’ll be watching Last Days in the Desert. Ewam McGregor double features as Jesus and his tempter.

The full movie is on youtube too. Which is nice, since it never got any sort of release in Australia that I know of.

With suitable musical accompaniment!

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