Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 12, 2010

100 reasons why the Beatles suck.

Which I found at Suck My Beatles, would you believe?

I feel obliged to warn the innocent and unsuspecting that there is a considerable amount of rudeness to be found in the list.

85 – You can’t even shag to The Beatles. It’d be like doing it in front of your gran.

Anyway, check out the whole list for yourself. Here.


  1. Thanks for re-posting this gregoryno6.
    I think you’ll find the majority of the rudeness is in the comments.
    Come to think of it, most of the humor is there as well.

    • Thanks for visiting, Das. There’s some good stuff in the comments all right. But Reason Number 51 is pretty hard to beat:
      While My Guitar Twats You In The Throat And Drop Kicks You Into The Middle Of Next Week. Much better title.

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