Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 22, 2023

Knesset to Israelis: No changing teams!

Members of Israel’s government have proposed a law forbidding Christians to talk about Jesus inside the borders of the Holy Land.

The legislation doesn’t just aim to stifle the verbal speech of Christians, but their ability to create content online as well, constituting an all-out assault on Christianity.

The MPs behind the proposed laws are known for their antipathy towards Christians, but maybe there’s another factor in play with this current move.

In 2021 we were belted with crowing reports on the progress of vaccinations in Israel. Then came the ‘Nothing to do with the vaccine’ stories. They petered out late in 2021 and lately there hasn’t been much news at all.

Outrageous hypothesis: Israelis are looking for an alternative to Judaism. The government’s vaccination program and its adverse effects has undermined their faith.



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