Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 21, 2023

Trying times in the Western Lands.

Trying for the government, which is a nice change.

Feel free to skip to the shock ending.

How is an administration supposed to cope when the citizens are so unhelpful?

Dateline: Now. Somewhere in the vast ocean of crappy renovations and repulsive add-ons that is suburban Perth, a widow shares a cup of tea with her dutiful daughter.

‘Thanks for coming over, dear… it’s nice to have someone to talk to. (Sigh) Since your father died last April, I don’t know… the best part of me died with him. I’m not interested in life any more. I can’t get involved in anything. I don’t even want to go to bingo night. I’m – what’s the word for it these days?’

‘Disconnected, Mum.’

‘Disconnected. That’s exactly how I feel. My memory’s slipping too. Even important things like… Oh, dear…’

‘Mum! Mum! What’s wrong?’

‘I forgot…’

‘Forgot what, Mum? Please, tell me!’

‘I forgot…’


‘I forgot to tell the government that your father died of covid!!!’

More news about the government’s problems to come. Not quite so funny, so get your full load of chuckles out of this.

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