Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 26, 2022

Once again we see that it only takes one.

Hancock Prospecting, headed by Gina Rinehart, withdrew its $15MAUD sponsorship for Netball Australia earlier this week.

The deal included putting the company’s logo on the team uniform. An indigenous team member said she would not be comfortable with that, due to comments made by Ms Rinehart’s father Lang Hancock. Forty years ago. But hey, said HP, we don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. No more sponsorship.

Netball Australia really, really needed that sponsorship.

The $15 million commercial agreement was a lifeline for the governing body, which had lost more than $7 million over the past two years, mostly due to costs associated with Super Netball.

You might expect that such a scenario – an icon of greedy capitalism expecting a quid pro quo – would provoke howls of outrage from the sportswoke. This time, the voices are being raised in agreement.

Comments sections of newspapers around the country quickly lit up with overwhelming support among readers for the mining billionaire’s walkout, after the story was first broken online by Sky News host and Courier Mail columnist Peter Gleeson around midday on Saturday.

And it’s fair to say that key sponsors of sport were taking note of the deluge of comments strongly in favour of Rinehart, and scathing of the decision of the likes of the netballers and Australian cricket captain Pat Cummins in recent weeks to, in the readers’ own words, ‘bite the hand that feeds them…’

As one betting company executive told Diary on Sunday: “Where the players have to pull their heads in is the reality that there are only so many serious sponsorships available. Wagering companies have huge money. But if you have got players who say, ‘We don’t want wagering and gaming, we don’t want alcohol, and we don’t want energy companies’ … well, there’s not much left after that.”

NA found itself even more isolated today when other indigenous groups spoke up in gratitude for Gina Rinehart’s philanthropy. Hancock has donated to support a scholarship program for indigenous students.

Hell, even the former local Liberal leader Zak Kirkup told the woke demographic where to go. There might be more to Zak than I previously assumed.

Stop driving your Volkswagen or wearing Adidas because they were both used by the Nazis.

Don’t eat your KitKat because Nestle has a pretty terrible ethical history and put down your L’Oreal because it was invented by a fascist sympathiser.

None of this would have happened if Hancock had cringed and apologised for their temerity in expecting acknowledgement of their support.

Woke capitalism needs to GTFA. This is one step on its journey to the exit.







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