Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 11, 2021

It’s a good day in Lockdownunder when the politicians are feeling the squeeze!

Those of you following events here in Lockdownunder – and there are a growing number of you tuning in via this blog; thanks, Paco, and thanks, Whatfinger – will be aware that the leader of the New South Wales government, Gladys ‘Don’t Call Me Klinger!’ Berejiklian resigned. Not, I regret, over anything covid related. No, it appears she was fucking someone else’s husband and doing deals that were financially favourable to him. Still, the mere fact that one of the power-crazed bungstains we’ve somehow let into management here can be forced down for anything gives us another reason to hope.

There’s more fun south of the border too. Dan The Jug Eared Tyrant had a bad start to his week, with the Victorian Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission commencing hearings. Big opening day, with government minister Luke Donnellan handing in his resignation. on allegations that he had a hand in branch stacking.

Donnellan was fingered by Federal Labor MP Anthony Byrne. Depending on your point of view Byrne is either the last member of the Labor Party still in possession of a functioning conscience or the first rodent to perceive that the vessel is no longer quite seaworthy. If the report linked above can be believed – and it’s from the ABC, so it’s probably understating the situation – Byrne went full Caruso for the Commission. He sang, and sang, and then he sang some more. This tweet from Voice for Victoria:

The hearing is set to run five weeks. I’m looking forward to more discomfort in Spring Street. Much, much more.

Meanwhile, two thousand miles nearer to Africa…

Masky Mark McClown, High Pontiff of The Western Lands, decreed last week that all mining minions must be double jabbed by the start of the new year. Also last week Roger Cook, Minister for Avoiding The Truth About Our Fucked Up Health System, boldly announced that 90% compliance with the vax mandate had been achieved among nurses and hospital staff. He may be telling the truth. But if he was, I think he’d be telling it a lot louder. Front page of the daily paper loud.

Cook also announced with pride that the state had just achieved 50 percent full vaccination. Only fifty percent? This government was returned to power with a massive majority just six months ago. Total control in both houses.

The #StateDaddy Fan Club has disbanded.

He saved us sounds more like He’s screwing us today.

The mining unions are saying they won’t support mandatory vaccination. And I’ve heard anecdotally that the Maritime Union is also saying FU to the jab. Contrary to popular belief, we the citizens of Australia haven’t given up the fight. The politicians are still talking down to us as if we have no idea what’s happening inthe rest of the world, but it’s not working so well as it used to.

Yesterday’s Lockdownunder post featured Reignite Democracy Australia’s leader Monica Smit. Monica announced today that RDA would be joining forces with the United Australia Party, led by the former Liberal MP Craig Kelly.

After spending 22 days in solitary confinement, we appealed the bail conditions in the Supreme court and won. I can now continue my work with even more vigour…

My time in prison was not in vain, and I was honoured to make a stand for every single one of you. Not only did they fail to break me, but their heavy hands have made our collective message stronger and louder.

Craig Kelly supports the use of Ivermectin and doesn’t believe the climate change disaster scenarios. No wonder he felt out of place with the Liberals. RDA and UAP combined will give Canberra more unease – but still not enough.

That’s where I come in. I got another email last week from one of the Liberal flunkies; it’s as if those people never speak to each other. Not even to say ‘Why is this prick still on the mailing list, when he answers us every time with this?’


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