Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 9, 2022

That lingering stench of Lockdownunder.

They love the smell of tyranny in the morning…

As mentioned in this post last week, legislation before Queensland parliament will, if passed, become the standard right across Australia. Thanks to the National Act, which means health law passed in one jurisdiction must be mirrored by all the rest.

The varying standards between Australian states has been as pernicious as the cane toad for decades. We refused to agree on anything from teaching qualifications to rail gauges. Uniform measures right across the continent seemed a brilliant solution. Applications like this were unforeseen.

Here in The Western Lands, ol’ Masky Mark has gone one step further. Legislation has been presented which will put the state of emergency powers into the hands of the police commissioner. No accountability at the ministerial level.

Pass the poisoned chalice to the next schmuck in line. That didn’t work out so well last year – McClown’s government had to enact legislation to prevent the police from accessing data from the SafeWA app.

The government said It’s wrong. The police commissioner of the day said It’s legal.

On the other hand, any police commissioner with fantasies about having his own blue army here in the west is in for disappointment. That meme again:

The government has also beefed up an act passed by a previous government – one from the supposedly right side of politics – that gives ‘authorised officers’ freedom to enter homes and, as I read it, vaccinate the unvaccinated. I would have thought the time to try that on was in 2021. Good luck trying it now, when the real cops are walking out. Maybe they’ll authorise pub bouncers instead.

While I’m angered by these moves I also wonder how much serious intent is behind them. Like those quarantine camps; silent threats that now sit empty because Australians said ‘Fuck the vaccine’ in far greater numbers than expected.

Masky Mark announced with the usual pomp and bluster last March that ‘doorknockers’ would be going around the suburbs, politely enquiring if ‘anyone needs a vax?’ That brilliant scheme lasted two weeks, if it wasn’t quietly snuffed after week one.

‘You won’t be able to buy alcohol if you can’t present a valid vaccination certificate.’ Another of McClown’s short-lived brainfarts.

And while we’re all in shockhorroroutrage mode at this, the insistence on getting vaccinated is quietly receding. No jab no job is an ugly memory for most of the workforce. One temp hire agency highlighted the change in an ad stating no mandates apply except for health-related positions.

Those smug arseholes with their rolled up sleeves are not taking up ad space at the bus stops any more, either.

Our despicable leaders want to back away from the mess they’ve created, and they’re distracting us while they do it.

A year from now they’ll be saying Mandate? What mandate?

The vaccine victims will be on their own.

Meanwhile, on the other side of The Great South Land, Daniel Andrews is facing an election next month. You might think, with his reputation as  one of the most overreaching covid dictators well established, Danfuhrer might ease up on his quest for world fame.

Nope, sorry. Dan gonna Dan.

The new rules, which will affect more than 50 city and regional parks across Victoria, were outlined in the government’s proposed Metropolitan and Regional Parks Regulations.

Changes include a fine of up to $924 for walking off a park trail.

Victorians conducting “intrusive research” – interfering with “wildlife, soil, rocks, vegetation or visitors or that contravenes any regulation applying to the park” – could be hit with a $1,472 fine.

Chuck him out on election day, Victoria.



  1. Well, at least the air is still free in those parks, right? Right? Hello?

    • Just checking… uh, bring your own supply. Better safe than suffocating.

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