Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 8, 2021

Lockdownunder Update: Police behaving strangely.

From right here in Perth:

Christina Hartmann Benz, 51, was charged over allegations she fraudulently recorded that the vaccine had been given to a 15-year-old boy who attended a medical practice in St James with his father last month…

Ms Benz was granted bail but today, when she made her second appearance in court, the police prosecutor said the charge was being withdrawn.

No reason was given to the court.

Ms Benz was awarded $1,500 to cover her legal costs, including her application for bail, before being told she was free to go.

Charges dropped, no reason given, AND the accused was compensated for her legal costs. I can’t help feeling that a couple of key details have been lost somewhere.

Nick Takos, member of the Adelaide Crows board of directors, has said adieu to the team after refusing the covid jab.

I have made my position to the board clear that while I am not anti-vaccination generally, corporations should not tell their staff and footy fans what medical treatment is good for them through a mandatory vaccination policy.

First Senator Alex Antic, now Nick Takos. Good to see Adelaide becoming notable for something besides its serial killers.

Last Saturday was SOS From Australia Day, organised by Monica Smit at RDA, and the SOS was heard all around the world.

Even New York… watch the video here.

Thanks to everyone who gave our assorted ambassadors and consuls earache on Saturday.

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