Posted by: Gregoryno6 | July 28, 2018

Stefan and Lauren in Melbourne, protesters in Perth, and a no-go zone in Sydney.

No video has come out yet of Perth’s event, but here is Stefan Molyneux speaking in Melbourne.
Haven’t watched this through yet, but I would assume it’s similar to what Stefan delivered here.

Here’s Lauren’s Melbourne speech.

The Melbourne Q&A.

Perth’s event drew a small crowd of protesters but the Perth police (unlike their Melbourne counterparts) did their job. And didn’t charge $68,000 for doing it. The protest was led by a group called United against Bigotry And Racism. Originally they were titled Folks United against Bigotry And Racism. But some spoilsport gave it away and told them that FUBAR had a meaning all its own.

Also, the Perth Q&A struck a chord with everyone when the opening questioner said it was the first public meeting he’d been to in ages that didn’t start with a welcome to country. Not sure if Lauren and Stefan understood exactly what that was, but it got rousing applause from the rest of us!

Now, about that no go zone… sorry to end on a down note.


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