Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 27, 2018

The EU’s Article 13 will usher in a new age of samizdat.

If the Eurocrat bureaucrats get their way, this blog could soon become a meme-free environment.


‘The left can’t meme. And as we all know, if something doesn’t benefit the left, the only reasonable thing to do is ban it.’

Memes require humour. And that’s something the left hasn’t traditionally exhibited in quantity.

Educating ourselves, doing research, sharing facts, smashing windows, disrupting meetings, shouting down opponents… be honest now, does this ski mask make my head look big?

I’d like to think a few of my own memes have hit the target. Maybe one or two. But, seeing this from one angle, I’d say to the EU: Go ahead. Do it.

They think this will be the end of the mockery and ridicule? NFC.

Memes were just a thing we weaponised. If memes are denied us, we’ll find something else. And we’ll find a means of distribution too.

(A man sidles up to a woman at the bus stop. ‘Hey, lady, wanna see my meme?’)

Add the thrill of the chase and the Meme Dark Web will flourish. Samizdat!

From the New York Times, March 1970:

Unlike the underground of Czarist times, today’s samizdat has no printing presses (with rare exceptions): The K.G.B., the secret police, is too efficient. It is the typewriter, each page produced with four to eight carbon copies, that does the job. By the thousands and tens of thousands of frail, smudged onionskin sheets, samizdat spreads across the land a mass of protests and petitions, secret court minutes, Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s banned novels, George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and “1984,” Nicholas Berdyayev’s philosophical essays, documents of the Czech Spring, all sorts of sharp political discourses and angry poetry.

Samizdat. The KGB fought it, but they never eradicated it.

‘Cut off one head, two more will take its place’. That works on both sides of the fence.

Do it, EU. Please.

Shoot your fucking idiot selves in the foot.

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