Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 31, 2017

It will make a great movie.

A friend on another site posted this story

Second Arctic ‘Doomsday Vault’ will allow the world’s precious books to survive Armageddon

and asked:

Does any of this seem a bit futile and ridiculous to anyone else? If the world got as bad as all that 1. Really how many people who are struggling to survive will even know about this. 2. And exactly how would anybody get there if they were even able to access such strenuous travel and make it back alive with the seeds and those much needed digital archives of British newspapers and such…

Those two wandering insane brain cells inside my skull chose that moment to collide.

The Apocalypse…. a meteor has landed on Washington, drawn to Earth by the hubristic folly of Man and his global warming. The White House is no more, and neither is Dictator Trump, who was in the fifty-third year of his unconstitutional rule. (‘Daddy, who was Hillary Clinton?’ ‘Someone we have to hate for two minutes every day, son.’) All the other evil oligarchs, including Rupert Murdoch IV and President Merkel-Chavez of Greater Northern Europe, were killed on impact, being there in the American capital to celebrate the Dictator’s birthday and drink the blood of a few infants. Unfortunately, with all these control freaks gone, there is nobody left on the planet who has any damn clue about how anything works.
Will Smith plays Clementine Pelosi, a transgendered archaeologist and hockey champion, teaming up with Scarlett Johansson as Eugenia Einstein, a love droid who was misassembled and accidentally given an IQ in the 180s. Together they must locate the Doomsday Vault and retrieve the books that will enable humanity to avoid collapsing into chaos and primitivism. They have nothing in common – except they are the only two people left who can still read. Determined to foil their plan: Iron Schumer, played by Robert Downey Jr, and Martin Sheen as Acting President Wyann E Buttscratcher.

Directed by the unholy love child of David Lynch and Michael Bay.

Lights! Camera! Madness!



  1. Someone must call Hollywood to have this movie made. STAT.

    • Enthusiasm from all corners:

      You’ll make millions!

      Hell, it has way more imagination than anything recently oozing out of Hollywood, and twice the depth of “Idiocracy”. Get backing.

      Greg, I keep telling you over and over again: No drinking until after dinner!

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