Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 21, 2014

When Diane meets Jooolya – updated. AND: further updated.

The first thing to say is that Diane didn’t meet Jooolya. Didn’t interview her, anyhow. Guest host Susan Page had that honour.

I know nothing of Ms Rehm’s private life or circumstances, but the cynical voice within says she piked out. Dodged the interview. The long list of comments from unhappy Australians (Neggadividy! cried Jooolya) might have given her cause to step away from being too close to our former national leader and ongoing national embarrassment.


Both audio and transcript are available at the link above. I downloaded the audio with good intentions. Once I began to listen, however, the voice of AWPME was as always to the eardrums as coarse grit sandpaper to an open sore.

What I have done instead is run a quick word search on the transcript. With these results.


Abbott (as in Tony, our new PM) – appears once.

Female – not found.

Legacy – not found.

Misogyny – appears twice.

Rudd (as in Kevin, former PM; knifed by Gillard, only to knife her in return and regain the top spot) – not found.

Sexism – seven times.

Slipper (as in Peter – more about him here) – not found.

Swan (as in Wayne – financial incompetent and former Australian treasurer) – not found.

Young – appears once – connected to kids, not Naive. Which was not found. How strange.


Seven appearances of ‘sexism’ in the text is not surprising. But ‘misogyny’ only twice? Now that’s surprising.

Mention was made of Hillary Clinton, who gets all Emily’s List about Jooolya in her just-released book. Sisterly support from Clinton to Gillard is, pun fully intended, hillarious. That a married woman should be shoulder to shoulder with a woman whose preference has always been for other women’s husbands…

Do Diane and Hillary know anything about Australia? We used to joke about Americans getting off the plane and expecting to see kangaroos bounding around the streets. Ignorance lingers on, apparently.

 UPDATE 22/06: Andrew Bolt – clearly a man with tougher ears than mine – spots a typical piece of leftist deceit.

JG:…one of the things that I did in my time as prime minister was ensure that my political party selected for our Senate an indigenous woman, Nova Peris, who now serves in the Senate. And she’s the first indigenous Australian to be a federal parliamentarian. 

When the left stop treating the rest of the populace as if they had the memory spans of goldfish they’ll be on the road to recovering some credibility.

THIS man, Senator Neville Bonner, was the first indigenous representative in Canberra.

Neville Bonner as President of the Senate

Bonner entered the Senate in 1971, and served as President of the house.

He was a member of our conservative Liberal Party.

This inconvenient truth may well have rendered him invisible to AWPME.

Bonner, it should also be noted, entered Parliament when another Lib senator resigned.

Jooolya went over the heads of the regular authorities for Peris, calling her a captain’s pick. To create the vacancy she summoned Senator Trish Crossin to Canberra by plane and told her to GTFO.

She blazed a trail for women in Australian politics, all right.

Pity that it leads direct to the cesspool.


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