Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 21, 2014

How irritating…

Some movies are a total waste of time. Some movies reward repeat viewings with new discoveries. And some movies deliver just one interesting moment.

The Singer Not The Song is a rather overblown effort featuring John Mills as a Catholic priest in rural Mexico. The town is ruled by Anacleto – played by Dirk Bogarde, who barely passes for Mexican with his soft English speech – not even the dab of greasepaint helps. But he does spend a lot of time strutting about in black leather pants.

Dirk Bogarde Anacleto

Anacleto hates the Church but grudgingly develops an admiration for Father Keogh. Unlike his predecessor, Keogh is a priest with some backbone. His sense of honour infuriates Anacleto to the point where he says:

How irritating it must be, and how fascinating it must be, to be a really good man.

So at least I’ve got that to think about.


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