Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 14, 2022

Last of the Lockdownunder Updates?

Probably not. There’s too much happening.

Noticeable of late is a distinct change of attitude among those whose get-jabbed exhortations last year were among the loudest.

Last week’s Double Masky meme summarises the situation well. The pro-vax authorities, ie pretty much everyone higher than the manager of the local post office, have painted themselves into a corner. And they know it. Cue years and years of We did what we thought was best, We had no alternative at the time, and lots of Nobody forced you to take the vaccine. It’s going to be sickening.

Here in the Western Lands the vaccine mandates were lifted on June 10. Universally lifted? C’mon, get real. This is Western Australia we’re talking about! MOST employers lifted their mandates, and MOST government departments did likewise. But not all. With the gates open again I set about finding work – which I have, but that’s a story for another time. I’ve made a point of telling potential employers that I have had no covid shots whatsoever. One response was a laugh and ‘That doesn’t matter at all now’. By contrast, when I declared my unvaxxed status to another potential employer, I swear the phone grew cold against my ear.

The mandates certainly didn’t work out as expected by those who imposed them. There are ‘We’re Hiring’ signs in windows all over Perth. Enough people said Fuck the Fauci jab that employers found themselves needing workers they couldn’t find. A lot of workers. The Health Department has maintained the vax mandates for all employees, and surprise surprise the Health Department – which was already in poor shape before it got Tha Dreaded C shoved up it sideways – is now even worse off.

WA cops, still required to vax up, are talking with their feet. For all of 2021 WaPol saw 243 resignations; for January to May this year, the total is 236.

Public transport likewise. Bus timetables are more like lottery tickets right now. Drivers are leading the march to the exit. They are required to mask up for the job. Passengers have to do the same, but the passengers aren’t stuck on the bus for hours at a stretch.

The departure boards in the CBD’s busports all warn that scheduled services may not run.

Masky has undergone a profound change in his presentation. The steely Premier who made Norma Desmond look camera shy has been replaced by a buddy, a mate who strongly encourages us to keep the masks on.

And given his intemperance for vax resisters a mere twelve months ago, Masky is remarkably calm about monkey pox.

This is not the McClown who was marching up to the podium to issue stern announcements last year. Hundred Days of The Dragon, anyone?

Covid fear porning continues, but the effect is risible rather than terrifying. When they have to go back weeks, or even months, to scare up an extra decease or two, they’re redefining the word ‘desperate’.

Masky’s been off promoting Western Australia to foreigners. ‘Foreigners’ in this context includes anyone living east of the Nullarbor.

‘Better life’ is rather a stretch. Sure, we’ve got glorious weather, but there’s also the isolation. And frankly, there’s too much made of the glorious weather too.

Time out! This LU has run on long enough, so there will be at least one more. Scheduled arrival, Wednesday or Thursday coming.

Hoping that forecast is more accurate than a bus timetable…


  1. Yes I can’t see many choosing to move to WA just now, since there seem to be plenty of opportunities for betterment here on the east coast for one thing. Albo seems to be begging retirees to go back to work due to labour shortages.

  2. Mrs. Paco and I have been watching episodes of old tv series lately, and we saw that very episode of the Outer Limits not long ago.

    Question: what is the basic political dynamic of the PM’s relationship with the premiers? Is it similar to the relationship between the president and the state governors in the U.S.? Over here, the federal government has long been involved in usurping the power of the states, but, based on my limited reading of Australian news stories, the premiers seem to have more power than their U.S. counterparts. Or maybe not; as I say, my knowledge of the subject is very limited.

    • The last two years have shown us just how weak the federation can be. Scotty From Upfucking convened the National Cabinet. Supposedly, all decisions made in the Cabinet were binding on Canberra and the states, but it seems the state premiers sat there and nodded at Scotty and then did what they wanted to do anyway.
      The records of the meetings should be entertaining reading if I’m still around when they’re made public.

  3. We’ve been asking the same question Paco. The US is different because it’s self-contained. The place of your President is here occupied by the Queen, ‘represented’ here by local governors – one for each state and a ‘governor general’ of Australia.

    In 1975 this gov. general dismissed our federal government under the Queen’s authority (but it was his doing not hers, and very controversial).

    State and federal parliament members swear allegiance to the Queen, yet her role since Cromwell? has been ;advisory’. So it’s all pretty loose, but the Premiers have the real power in practice, under governors ‘representing the Queen’ with no actual day to day power.

    There aren’t many federal legal jurisdictions *within* the country so our feds are weak compared to your alphabets, while state police have the most power within the country, under state leaders. The fact that each premier can shut state borders at will was a recent surprise, but shows how weak our federation is. Remember, before the 1900 Federation each state answered only to Britain, not to each other. We even each had our own military before 1900. As recently as the 1960s there was a tendency to see the UK as still ‘the mother country’ and even as ‘home’.

  4. The Prime Minister nullified a deal a state Premier had made with China’s ‘belt and road’. So the PM has unambiguous power over our international affairs, just as our federal police have jurisdiction over migrants and international borders, plus fed taxation and fed welfare fraud. That’s about it.

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