Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 10, 2020

Welcome to the idiocalypse, where we die laughing at our own stupidity.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m back.

I was caught mid-sentence two weeks ago, typing ‘Hell, this thunderstorm that’s moving in is starting to look nasty’. At that very moment a thunderclap directly overhead cost me not only my internet connection but a pair of underpants.
I called my telco the next day and they said:
‘Monday March 9. A tech will be out sometime in the morning.’
I said: ‘Twelve days to wait? That’s the worst case scenario, right? There’s a chance someone will be out sooner?’
They said: ‘No.’

Here’s a picture of the storm. Perth people will tell you that when it rains here you can be dry on one side of the street and watch the rain falling on the other side. Here’s proof.

More pictures at Perthnow. And there’s this very visual tweet, which was recorded just around the corner from here.

But if you want real crazy, right now you can’t go past the toilet paper insanity that is sweeping the supermarkets of the western world. The stuff is being rationed – toilet paper, rationed. Dwell on that a moment. Or look at this instead.

Charges have been laid. Western civ is literally going down the chute.


  1. Spot on!…down the chute. Cheers!

  2. How did you get on without the Internet Greg? Deep withdrawal systems? A dawning realisation of how much time we waste at the keyboard? Something in between?

    • I definitely got the dawning realisation on the weekend just gone. I got a bunch of things done that I’ve been putting off for weeks – in fact, months.
      I felt a literal sense of release. I started to get an inkling of how much time I spend online. No compulsion to get online and trawl aimlessly for hours and then beat myself up over the lost time. It was a very pleasant experience – and I intend to repeat it regularly!

  3. It’s mad – even on a long walk in nature I keep checking the damn phone. There is never anything that couldn’t wait a few hours.

  4. Incredible!
    The toilet paper fight though is is hysterical. All I did was order it online – no fuss-no rush!

    • I’m surprised it wasn’t delivered by armoured car!

      • Good one!!

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