Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 11, 2018

Jooolya’s back in the news again.

Julia Gillard, aka Ranga Monsterarse, is still my pick as Australia’s Worst Prime Minister Ever. Competition from Kevin ‘Kruddfuhrer’ Rudd and Malcolm ‘Empty’ Turnbull notwithstanding.

Recently she has been named chair of the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership at King’s College in London. This in addition to her position as head of BeyondBlue – an organisation supposedly devoted to eliminating depression. Like giving Dracula the keys to the blood bank, that one.

But Jooolya does have an impressive track record in the draining of vital assets. She was a key player in the transfer of 100 million-plus AUD to various ‘charitable’ organisations connected to Hillary Clinton and her husband. (Did Bill ever invite Jooolya to play the cigar game? One suspects not.)

Jooolya and Hilly are in fact Siamese twins, joined at the toxic personality. If you’ve never seen AWPME on video, imagine America’s Worst Presidential Candidate Ever in a red wig and with an even more grating vocal output. Close enough for government work, as they say.

Jooolya has promised to use her new position to combat the never ending threat of misogyny. Women of the world, beware!

In honour of Ms Gillard’s return to the public eye, I present here a few of the motivators that she inspired during her time heading The Circus Of Ineptitude.


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