Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 16, 2014

When Diane meets Jooolya.

Diane Rehm has a show on National Public Radio (NPR) in the US.

Julia Gillard, former Prime Sinister of The Great South Land – aliases include Ranga Monsterarse, The Bogan Vuvuzela, The Droner From Altona, Joooolya, and Australia’s Worst Prime Minister Ever – will be taking questions from Diane later this week. It should make a welcome change for AWPME, who no doubt waits impatiently to be called before a Royal Commission.

Australians are a helpful bunch, when we’re not claiming sporting trophies off the rest of the world. And some of the locals were rightly concerned that Diane might not be so well informed about Jooolya. They’ve been working very hard to fill the gaps in her knowledge.

Not that Jooolya’s ever unprepared when a tough question comes her way…


Thanks to Election WON – Governing NOW! for the original story.


  1. Ahh, I found that H I left out of tHongs.

    Jooolya, go back to Whales.

    • Keep that H handy. Because the Whales will tell her to go to ell.

      • Ya’ made me spit my beer, ya’ did lad..LMFAO

  2. The truth is out there. I only hope that it won’t be diluted or at worst ambushed.

    • NPR is the closest the US has to our unbeloved Aunty, I’ve discovered. I begin to anticipate a soft massage of an interview.
      And I ask myself why I ever expected anything different? AWPME wasn’t likely to put herself in the sights of an American Michael Smith or Hedley Thomas.

  3. Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics and commented:
    You shall know the truth
    And the truth shall set you free

    • Thanks.
      There’s a link at the page I linked to that will lead you to the Rehm show homepage. Audio and transcript should be available there.
      However it goes, it should be interesting.

      • I have the cash- I am going to do my best to call into the show.

        No retreat, no surrender.

        Until these marxist gangsters are in jail – a weak enough punishment – I will never be happy. TRAITORS!

        • Go for it!

          • I’ve also left a detailed link to Michael Smith’s website. I am so pissed off about gatekeepers like bolt and “aussie” ray hadley, and I am especially pissed off that bolt keeps claiming to have Australia’s most popular blog, then he changed it to most popular political blog. Um, no, that would be Michael Smith, by a country mile.

            I ran a trace IP on Michael Smith’s blog during his recent DNS attack troubles and let’s just say that there aren’t many marxists or union scum staffers who don’t visit it. Ditto fewfacts and ALPBC.

            But does he get any credit or recognition? Nope.

            As for gillard: it’s on, bitch. No more evidence of revision, no more lapdog media gatekeeping, no more sheeple style ignorance, we need to take our country back and show that the rule of law, not the golden rule, directs our affairs.

            • I was a reader of Bolt’s back 4-5 years ago and he had the little banner up that boasted 3.5 million hits a month. I wasn’t impressed, figuring that a good percentage of them were troll snipes and another much larger percentage were kneejerk responses to the trolls.
              Lefties get stuck into Bolt mostly for his stand on the aboriginal issue, I think. He was quite fond of Jooolya at one time. And when I say ‘quite fond’ I mean ‘disgusting schoolboy crush’.
              I wish you well on the phone call. Give the audience something to remember!

            • I’ve got form on radio- I was the “expert” Alan Jones had on before the carbon tax who got the price right (within 50 cents) and warned of the green gestapo- a phrase he picked up for a couple of weeks.

              I am getting the impression that station has no idea how hated this dire evil marxist psychopath is in Australia so from here it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

              Women in particular should post on the American radio website, to totally negate another common marxist Alinskyite tactic with gillard- misogyny.

              That is has come to this.

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