Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 15, 2011

Actually, Rosemary Margan DID do that (Updated – RIP, Rosemary).

Rosemary Margan was the weather girl at GTV 9 back in – well, a long time ago. Pre colour TV in Australia. I was always impressed by her ability to write backwards on a sheet of glass. She drew a pretty mean storm too.

But I have no memory whatever of this weather report.

Update Dec 6 2017 – Sad day. Rosemary has passed away at the age of 80.



  1. Hi,
    I got sucked in on that one. 😆

    • Took me by surprise too, mags. How are you over there in the floodzone? Are you getting the job done in your bathers too?

  2. Hi,
    Doing fine. Like everyone else, long rubber boots, thick rubber gloves, everyone of course is well aware of the diseases that could easily come out of this. Some are wearing nose and mouth mask as the smell is horrendous. I was lucky, no flood here at home, but some friends were not so lucky. I stocked up on bottle water, food etc. a couple of days before the flood hit Brisbane, I was well and truly around during the 1974 floods, so was well prepared this time.

    It has all worked out, as I’m able to take some food with me as we help with the clean up. I’m on the north side of the river, so we still have shops open etc. here, but the other side are still blocked, no power, no water, no shops. Most of the flood water should be gone by this afternoon, and totally gone they say by Wednesday, so food and water started to reach people yesterday.

    • It’s a long time since I saw Brisbane but as I recall the south side of the river is very flat. Not much would have escaped the water there.
      Points to you for thinking of 1974 mags. You seem to have been one of the very few who did. Between the homes built at ground level – rather than on stilts like the old places – and the lack of flood insurance Queensland is going to be a five-star disaster area for years.

  3. Hi,
    There are thousands of people without flood insurance, mainly because no insurance company would insure them for flood. I was reading in the news last night that it looks like the insurance company’s will no longer even offer insurance to anyone in a area that could flood. What on earth are insurance company’s for if not for disasters such as this.

    I just hope all the money that people have donated get to the people that really need it, as there are thousands of people that have lost everything, and in a lot of cases, even where they work no longer exists.

    • I see – I was under the impression that homeowners were neglecting flood insurance. So houses were being built at ground level on flood plains but people couldn’t get them insured against flood? Who let them continue building, then? If the insurers were turning them down that should have alerted someone.
      And you’re right about the donations. I too hope that the funds don’t get eaten up by process.

  4. Hi,
    It’s unreal isn’t it. There are of course people that could of had flood insurance but didn’t consider it because of the extra expense but believe me they are in the minority. Also in the minority are the people that have flood insurance, the rest just couldn’t get it. I assume it’s the councils that have to approve all buildings.

  5. I went searching for you and found this story in the paper. Actually it’s a very article there is also a video, although I don’t know how long it will stay on that web page, video’s seem to be disappearing from articles .

    Anyway at the end of the article this is what is stated:-

    “The Bull family’s business Withcott Towing has been devastated and their insurance will fall well short of covering their losses.

    CommInsure told the family that because it was a flash flood they were covered for only 15 per cent of building damage and 25 per cent of contents.”

    And that is what is happening to people with insurance.

  6. Sorry in a bit of a hurry. Here’s the link to the story.

    • The video isn’t coming though to me, mags, but thanks for the link. Reading the description paints the story fairly vividly.
      The ‘flash flood’ comment from the insurance company sounds like an easy way out. Flood means flood, doesn’t it? Either you’ve got the insurance for that event or you don’t.

  7. Rosemary didn’t write backwards. The image was simply reversed for the viewer.

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