Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 26, 2023

25 from 25: The shorts.

05: My Neighbourhood Has Been Overrun By Baboons (2011)
Alongside the international features Rev has presented a broad selection of Australian cinema, including the remastered classic Wake In Fright.
My Neighbourhood tells the tale of a rather different wake in fright… and this one is set to music.

04: Towers Open Fire (2000)
William S Burroughs – the great experimenter. For a time he even experimented with heterosexuality. Towers Open Fire, made in 1966 with Antony Balch, incorporates the Burroughs cut-up technique over a bewildering montage of images. The short opens with Burroughs reading an excerpt from The Soft Machine.

03: The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello (2005)
The characters resemble Indonesian wayang, flat silhouettes moving through a world of strange flying machines and non-electronic technology. A masterpiece of dark and moody animation, this was intended to be the first of a trilogy.

02: How Deep Can I Go? (2016)
Kai Smythe, aka Hairy Soul Man, debuted at Rev in 2014 but brought his fabulous fur coats to Perth in 2016 to present in person this macabre mini-opera.
Love gone wrong doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Honourable mentions
Legends of Show Business
Medusa – First Date

01: Will I Scatter Away? (2015)
Revelation’s youngest film maker to date, Emma Penaz Eisner created a sensation when she arrived at Rev with her experimental short and her blue hair. Will I Scatter Away? achieves a balance of surrealism and understatement that many experienced film makers can’t achieve.


The blue hair has gone, but Emma is still making films.

Next weekend: the documentaries.



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