Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 25, 2023

Starting tomorrow: 25 from 25. The best of Rev.

In July of 2022 the Revelation Perth International Film Festival celebrated 25 years of bringing strange and unusual cinema to Perth. Apart from the Revfather himself, Richard Sowada, I know of only one person who has attended screenings every year.


I’ve heard rumours of others – one, possibly two – who’ve done the same. Never met them. Maybe this will bring them out of the woodwork.

Rev has survived the Y2K bug, a global financial crisis or two, the covid madness, and several changes of venue. To mark its endurance amid the madness of modern life I’ve selected the shorts, documentaries and features that I consider its best it has presented. Some are still around and available to view. Some (bugger it) have vanished, and remain now only as listings in the old programs.

Not quite the full set, but very close.

First up: the shorts. See you tomorrow!


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