Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 18, 2023

What’s your music mood today?

Select from the following.

Dreamy, nostalgic, slightly sad

Agitated, frustrated, not inclined to polite commentary (don’t be fooled by the dead link face)

Fuck this world, take me right away to another planet


  1. My music interests are (uhh) complicated, to say the least.

    That little rocket launch? How much are tickets going for?
    I’ll take one – one way, of course.

  2. I would have to say another planet. I’m watching an episode of the original Star Trek series, so that would be fitting. I’m watching the whole series in order.

    • TOS all the way up to Picard, or whatever’s the latest?

      • Right now the 60s series, might get the other ones later. I’ve always liked the original show.

  3. The Government it! I’ve sent it to several onanists that I know 😂😂

    • Catchy, isn’t it? I couldn’t believe that it was seven years old – seems very contemporary!

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