Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 7, 2023

Summer has just ended, but Masky Mark may be feeling some unwanted heat.

This story is quickly getting deeper and murkier.

Four Corners claimed the mint failed to register more than 5000 international movements of money over a nine-month period. Each failure to register these could result in a fine of up to $21 million.

Love said the report had uncovered serious issues in the mint that could see WA taxpayers on the hook for hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in fines…

The report also claimed that in 2021, the mint tried to cover up a scandal brewing over its practice of diluting or “doping” its gold using silver or copper to improve margins.

WA Premier Mark McGowan held responsibility for Gold Corporation until the portfolio was transferred to Mines Minister Bill Johnston in April 2021.

None of this shitshower will fall on Masky Mark’s shoulders. Then again, between this and the covid aftermath, McClown might not be the man Labor wants to lead it to the next election.

That’s still two years away but the after effects of covid will linger at least that long. With the Perth Mint debacle to add some bulk McClown might decide it’s easier to ‘spend more time with the family’.

And who knows what other dirty secrets will spill out into the daylight before 2025 rolls around?

Historical note:  I worked for the Perth Mint back in my labour hire days, sometime during the mid-1990s. In 2018 I was interviewed for an administration role. My memories of my earlier time were pleasant, but I walked out of the interview with a head full of WTF. It had quickly become clear that they were hoping to snare someone highly skilled on the cheap. The agency who’d put me forward later learnt that they’d already been through several other agencies’ offerings and had no luck there. Nothing but a time-wasting exercise all round.

Lots of gold. Not much in the way of brains, but lots of gold.




  1. Too bad working for the mint isn’t on the basis of “One for me, one for you; one for me, one for you…”

    • Those ‘ones’ could have been quite fat, depending on what was available. They were reorganising the layout when I was there way back when; I picked up a tablet about 1 cm thick and 8 cm across – roughly the size of those cardboard circles they use at pubs. I said to someone ‘Is that aluminium?’ He looked at it and said ‘No, that’s palladium’.
      I asked what it was worth, and I’ll never forget the casual way he said ‘Twenty-five, thirty thousand dollars.’ A year’s worth of wages sitting on the palm of my hand. I put it back on the shelf straight away before anyone thought I was getting ideas.

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