Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 28, 2023

And here’s that next resignation (but damn, it’s not Jussie.)

From Paul Collitts:

Finally, amid the vaccine mayhem, the head of Australia’s TGA (Therapeutic Goods Authority – G6), John Skerritt, has quietly “retired” following his two-plus years of steering Governments through the lies and the enforcement of brutal Covid tyranny.

Quietly as in with bugger all interest from the mainstream media.

John Skerritt is the man who, in 2021, claimed that the Moderna Covid vaccine was “one hundred per cent effective”. Moderna is the vaccine that was suspended or restricted in several European countries, merely months after Skerritt’s glowing encomium.

Take a few minutes to listen to Skerritt singing the praises of Moderna. You’d think it was his own beloved child.

Bonus features:
Senator Gerard Rennick asks a VERY uncomfortable question.

At Discernable, Matt Wong discusses the case of a Queensland man who complied, got the vax, and has since been thoroughly screwed over by the authorities.

The full interview includes a review of the various mandate challenges in Australian courts and why so many have failed. It’s available at Odysee.

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