Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 13, 2023

Another ratings winner on the way! says nobody.

Too much woke will never be enough.

An upcoming Paramount+ spinoff series for the 1978 hit John Travolta movie Grease is aiming for an ultra-woke theme by focusing on characters with a “marginalized identity,” lesbian kissing scenes, and more — all set in 1954, supposedly four years before the events chronicled in the films.

At this point, with woke remakes piled up like bodies on a weekend in Chicago, I don’t believe anyone making this crap really expects it to have an audience. This is the onscreen equivalent of throwing soup on a Van Gogh – it’s an exercise in soiling something loved and appreciated.

Just wait till they remake The Wild One, with Brando’s character as a bicycle riding greenie.

‘Hey, Johnny, what are you rebelling against?’
‘Big Oil! Capitalism! The patriarchy!’



  1. I’m baffled as to why anyone, even those deviants in Hollywood, think that adding some zoo sex to the storylines of old classics is going to revive their dying industry.

    If all those things getting shot down in the sky really are extraterrestrials, then there’s no need to take action against them; they’ll depart on their own, horrified by our bad taste.

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