Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 12, 2023

A rather silly movie review.

Yakuza Apocalypse is based on a Bronco Hammer novel, possibly one I haven’t read yet or that hasn’t been written yet. It plunges deep into the philosophical conundrum of whether one can be a Yakuza and a vampire and still be a reasonably good guy. English and Australian readers will find this a familiar premise, used in many Enid Blyton stories.

The vampires are for the most part not very vampirey, just running around biting necks while looking like paler versions of themselves. A nurse vampire carries a gun and a lady Yakuza known as ‘Captain’ has a problem with her brain and it runs out her ear. This is an obvious reference to any BH character that has any sort of authority and no clue as to how to use that authority to save mankind, planet Earth and the universe in general.

There may have been an acknowledgement of the debt owed to Bronco Hammer novels in the credits but the subtitles weren’t much help on that. Also, God may be a giant frog.



  1. Your mother must be laughing

    • She would laugh, but not unless someone else laughed first.

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