Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 4, 2023

Hello? Darwin Awards?

Do you have a collective category for cities? Or towns?

There are concerns the ready availability of hand sanitiser since the start of pandemic has led to an increase in people using it as an intoxicant in Alice Springs.

I realise that cane toads are hard to find in Central Australia, but this is not the smartest alternative.

The head of an Alice Springs-based sobering-up shelter said the issue had reached such an extent that there was now a need for legislative reform around access to hand sanitiser…

Pharmacy Guild NT branch president Peter Hatswell has interests in three chemists in Alice Springs and said hand sanitiser had been removed from sale from the businesses.

“If you’re drinking full-strength [hand sanitiser], it’s going to pull water out of the cells of the oesophagus, the stomach lining and also the intestines — it can actually kill the cells that are nearby.”

A lesson that some people will insist on learning the hard way.






  1. Sounds a lot like “bleach” news

    • Okay, what’s ‘bleach news’? Don’t tell me people drink that stuff for fun!

  2. My god, how does anybody get that stuff down? I bet it would taste awful even in orange juice.

    My father, who used to chase moonshiners in North Carolina, would occasionally bring a pint or so of confiscated corn liquor home. My brother suffered horribly from bronchial asthma, and it was the only thing that would cut through the phlegm. Dad would mix some with honey in a teaspoon and that did the trick. I pestered him to let me try some once – just a spoonful – and it went down like flaming kerosene.

    • Orange juice, cranberry juice, banana smoothie… I don’t see anything could make that gunk palatable. And I take it that was your one and only taste of corn liquor?

  3. Maybe it will catch on in bars. Two lagers, three sanitiser shots and some peanuts please.

    • It could come to that, Kev. Masks and RAT tests are available for next to nothing, vaccines are degenerating into slush on the shelf – at least the sanitiser has some repurposing options. Although, if Paco’s comments above are any guide, it would take a stronger stomach than mine to hold it.

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