Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 1, 2023

Good news + lack of belief = the story you’re reading right now.

The radioactive capsule has been found.

For those who came in late – this radioactive capsule.

I believe they found it. But I’m skeptical as to where.
The loss required too many coincidences. My theory, based on the horror stories I heard during my induction at Mount Isa back in 1981, is that some idiot opened the device to take the pellet out. Stupid thing to do? Sure is. But mineworkers sometimes took explosives home, and kept the stuff in a cupboard. Because… well, because they were dickheads who thought they were rebelling against the boss.
I heard a similar story when I worked for Bowater Scott. Some fellow had a few years worth of paper product hoarded in his house – this was the mid 1980s; perhaps God sent him a vision of 2020. At any rate, he had a row with the wife and she called the cops about a large amount of stolen property.
I don’t know if there was an angry spouse connected to the finding of the pellet, but I’m sure there was a much more intense search undertaken at the mine site than along the highways.



  1. Suuure – they found it.

  2. Off topic, Gregory, but I read somewhere that WA is facing some kind of serious strep infection. I don’t know if it’s reached epidemic proportions, but stay safe.

    Do you suppose the health commissars will be out in force, again?

    • Paco, yes, the front page of The Worst Australian carried that story yesterday. Saw it as I breezed past the stand, didn’t bother to grab a copy.
      I’ll work up a post later today. And I’ve still got those three masks for the radioactive pellet, so I should be fine.

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