Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 28, 2023

The official verdict is suicide, but I’m not trusting much that’s ‘official’ these days.

Here’s a story that sets my inner skeptic rolling.

WA Police Union research finds death by suicide surpasses those killed on duty

By combining data from the National Coronial Information System, news reports and other sources, the union said it had created one of the largest collections of information about Australian police officer suicide…

Rates of suicide across the country had more than doubled from 5.9 deaths per 100,000 serving officers at the turn of the millennium to 14 per 100,000 in 2022.

Part of the increase was down to the size of the police force growing, but the higher suicide rate does not account for all of the growth.

I’m sure it doesn’t.

Police suicide is the story de jour. The article linked above has been carried nationwide. It discusses cumulative stress, and the lack of mental health training for recruits in training.

And I can’t help wondering if ‘suicide’ is a mask for ‘vaccine related death’.

Here in Western Australia, the police were among the first to be hit with no-jab-no-job rules. The police union and higher ranks cracked down hard on dissent. An unofficial survey of cops, which found a high level of resistance, was stifled.

On February 27, Mr McDonald sent a link to his survey to every serving WA Police member via their regimental number-associated email address. He says he was told supervisors instructed staff not to complete the survey, and that by 11pm that night the URL had been blocked from being opened on police computers.

Not long after, he says the email was completely deleted from police inboxes.

I can understand why governments might be especially nervous about admitting vax-related deaths among cops. Policing is, after all, one of the few professions whose members carry firearms in their line of work. A bunch of pissed-off cops is no government’s idea of a party.

I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist. But at this point in the proceedings, accepting nothing at face value isn’t paranoia – it’s a survival strategy.



  1. Conspiracy theory, or spoiler alert?

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