Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 12, 2023

The internet wins again.

Me: I’ve seen all the cringey vax crap there is to see.



  1. Yuk!

    • Come From Away is about the city of Gander, where all the passenger jets landed on Sept 11. It reminds me of that line in Stardust Memories, when some random guy accosts Woody Allen with his idea about a musical based on the Jonestown Massacre.

      • I can see how that parallel strikes you. That dancing scene is puke-provoking and absurd. I’d like it if all the participants would revisit their contributions in 3 years time.

  2. Every day seems to bring me one more reason to be glad I never took the clot shot.

  3. This video does make me want to puke – which I suppose helps the body get rid of germs, so I guess it’s helpful.

    • It’s another one for my collection. Along with Joe’s ‘patience wearing thin’ moment.

  4. I’m fully vaccinated and feeling fine.

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