Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 25, 2022

Add another thread to the madness of the covid tapestry.

Fact: Raymond D Palmer has published in a peer reviewed journal, arguing that – wait for it – adverse reactions to the covid jabs are being caused by the unvaccinated.

Additional fact: Mr Palmer appears to be based right here in my neighbourhood.

Makes me wonder if ‘Palmer’ is actually Masky Mark on a moonlighting exercise.

Also, what the hell is an mRNA Alchemist?

Rebekah Barnett has the story on her substack. Be prepared for some weird shit.


  1. …shows how desperate the Covid-high priests are getting with their witchcraft. There HAS to be something about the anti-vaxxers, as all the real data show the failure of mRNA jabs and masks…

    • We’ll be Masonic baby-eaters by the end of the month.

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