Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 23, 2022

Other People’s Pictures – November 2022.

Somewhat politically inclined this time around.

Thanksgiving with the Clintons.

WA Health is now inviting expressions of interest in another shot. A commenter at Gab made a small but significant addition.

The original above was formulated by this guy – Blank Eyed Smiling Bureaucrat.

You’re a dragon! And I’m a dragon too!

Felicia’s plans for some quiet nude sunbathing were interrupted once again…

Victorians go to the polls this Saturday. The polls indicate that Danfuhrer will be returned. I’d like to think this meme measures the mood of the electorate far more accurately.


  1. Did you watch the debate on Tuesday? Don’t fret if you missed it.

    • I see the Liberals as being Dan’s greatest asset in this election. Basically following in his footsteps and occasionally putting out some tepid opposition.
      Here’s to an Upper House dominated by freedom parties!

    • Were you underwhelmed by Peta Credlin’s piece on Danfuhrer? She questioned a few high profile folks who had already spoken out against Dan and threw in a few bits and pieces about the ‘stairs’ he fell down.
      Ian Cook’s inclusion was welcome, but where were David Limbrick and Tim Quilty?
      The issue that merited real investigation – how accurate are the polls showing massive support for Dan – was tacked on at the end in a question to Neil Mitchell. No vox pop. No attempt to find out what regular folks think about Dan and they are, supposedly, the people who respond to the pollsters.
      In a bizarre way I could see Dan’s supporters taking heart from this show. ‘Oh, you call him a bully. I think he’s tough. He makes decisions and sticks to them.’
      If I got anything from Peta Credlin, it was that in Victoria, resistance is futile.

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