Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 19, 2022

I would have paid to be the waiter at that event.

The Pin Ups For Vets Calendar began with a couple of photographers, a box full of costumes, and one model.

About ten years ago Gina worried that we might be growing tired of her face (NOT ME, GINA!!!) and opened the calendar up to other ladies.

PUFV has now evolved into an organisation where the chaps enjoy the visual treats of the pin up calendar, and the pin ups themselves find support among other veteran women. Some pin ups have become stalwarts for the project, participating in visits to veteran hospitals and making repeat appearances in the calendar. At the end of September, Gina brought her team together to say thank you with a Pin Up Appreciation Dinner.

Stephanie (Navy), Melanie (Army), Veronica (Navy), Gina, Rosario (Army), Shannon (Air Force), Erikka (Army).

Yes, I can see myself delivering plates and distributing towels and taking time over each of these… what? How many, exactly?

Yikes. I can see myself delivering cold plates and getting upsides in the kitchen for dawdling.

Oh well. It was a nice idea while it lasted. Have you thought about buying a calendar?




  1. To serve is all…..

  2. I believe the scientific response to this is “Hubba, hubba!”

    • I’d be more Biden than Einstein. In fact, I’d probably make old Joe seem articulate by comparison!

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