Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 5, 2022

The sad news of the weekend.

Thumbs down from HBO. No fifth season for Westworld.

The audience numbers dropped hard during season 4, but I liked it most of the way. Once the robots became self aware it was obvious that they would want to explore the world beyond their little patch, and probably do some damage in return for the treatment they had suffered. The scriptwriting did get too clever toward the end with the revelation that Christina/Dolores was living in some separate world.

The final episode seemed to set the story on a solid track for a concluding season. Alas, now we’ll never know if Dolores resolved the conflict between man and machine.

And yet another of my strange and unholy desires goes unfulfilled. Oh, Dolores…

Do it, please, HBO. Before that pervert tracks me down.


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