Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 22, 2022

Not as bad an idea as it might seem.

7 News Australia:

A prominent businessman is making a push to bring the “happiest place on Earth” to Australia – in a bid to give his state more appeal.

Renowned winery owner Warren Randall says he wants to ignite an ambitious plan to bring Disneyland to South Australia.

Your News:

Disney … has been plagued by employees arrested for a variety of sex crimes against children, including trying to meet minors for sex and possessing child pornography.

Not such a good idea to open a branch down under, then.

Except that… South Australia holds the national record for the production of serial killers.

The term gainful employment springs to mind.




  1. Well, I guess those groomers have to go somewhere, but, if I had had the good fortune to be born in Australia, I sure wouldn’t want ’em.

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