Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 2, 2022

Seems I’ll never get my chance to live behind barbed wire.

Reading this, those quarantine camps for the unvaxxed around Australia look more and more like a con job.
No way the state and federal governments didn’t know it at the time, either.
They thought they could scare us into submission. A huge percentage of us weren’t scared.
It’s not clear exactly how many of us are completely unvaccinated; figures range from 5 million (official Government sources) to over 23 million (other sources). This matters, because over 23 million represents around 35% of the U.K. population, a not insubstantial proportion. Interestingly, this 35% is the exact same proportion as the official number of unvaccinated globally. So much for the unvaccinated being a tiny and insignificant minority! We can all remember how governments around the world have tried to stigmatise the unvaccinated as pariahs for the last 18 months because of their ‘selfishness’ in refusing the vaccine, thereby placing others at risk by potentially transmitting COVID-19. Yet all the evidence indicates that vaccination does not prevent transmission of COVID-19, a point that even the vaccine manufacturers now acknowledge.


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