Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 20, 2022

As bad as it got in America, at least you (and we) didn’t turn into China.

Zero Hedge:

There are many people that will say that Americans “rolled over” in the face of covid restrictions and vaccine pressures despite extensive evidence that neither of these things had any effect on stopping or stalling the pandemic. But the notion of American pacifism is simply not true. If it were then the US would be looking a lot more like China right now…

Without the millions of courageous people that refused to comply our country might look very different today. The CCP has faced little public opposition over their draconian covid rules, and when they do, they don’t worry much because the population is completely disarmed. This has resulted in a veritable nightmare world for the citizenry. In fact, it almost seems like an experiment to find out how much psychological torture and oppression human beings are willing to endure.

The comments about the US could apply to Australia too, at least to some degree. Let it be noted that vax resistance here has risen to the point where thousands of doses are rotting on the shelf.

In related news…

Dr. Robert Malone, a leading critic of the COVID-19 vaccines and an inventor of the mRNA technology platform on which they are based, filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post on Friday for accusing him of spreading “dangerous lies” and “leading his followers on a journey to illness, suffering and possible death.”

Post, your finger’s pointing in the wrong direction.

May Dr Malone give you the full Kyle Rittenhouse and vaccum out your pockets.



  1. A lot of people are still getting sick here, but I guess the US is learning to live with it. I never got the vaccine even though when I got covid I almost died. I know a lot of people that haven’t gotten the vaccine, and I hear of people that did get it and got sick anyway. I’m glad I live where I have the right to be armed. At one point we went to war over improper taxation and wanting our own government. It would be terrible to have anything like that ever again, but I like to think we would stand up if our back was against the wall. At one time Texas went to war with Mexico for the right to become our own nation, something I am proud of. End of rant. Greg, I hope you are doing okay.

    • Thanks, Jon. I’m doing fine. Covid never tracked me down, despite the warnings of my state government. I had the usual winter cold a few weeks ago and dealt with it.
      The repercussions of the covid madness are going to last long into this century if not beyond. I would love to see pharma executives sent to their eternal reward (a very hot corner in hell) alongside the politicians but very few get the justice they deserve in these situations.
      PS: I’m just about to update this post with news about Robert Malone.

  2. Not yet any way. Many of the ‘Woke’ ideas hinder our freedoms and people are going along with it.

  3. If this is of any use to you, this is my link explaining what Covid19/the ‘flu actually is and why vaccines are pointless at best.

    What is the ‘flu a.k.a Covid 19 and why vaccines are pointless at best.

    • Apologies for not acknowledging this post sooner. Thanks.

      • My pleasure. There is so much going on it is difficult to keep up.

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