Posted by: Gregoryno6 | July 31, 2022

I’m back! Part 2.

In which I bring music.

Hugh Cornwell has a new album out in a few months. This is the first single.
I know just how he feels.

I haven’t kept up much with The Stranglers recently, but Cornwell hasn’t lost his creative energies. If anything they may be expanding as he ages.

Totem and Taboo, from ten years ago, shows some wit and intelligent hindsight.

And for those who are still young men – and women; Hugh back in his Stranglers heyday.


  1. He still has a worthy voice. I saw the Stranglers in 1977 in a Birmingham club. The cheeky Jean Jacques Burnel played one song with his foot on a supine female fan who had laid at his feet. It’s a cliche, I know, but the bands of yore had a style and personality sucked out of their modern peers.

    • I saw them play at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne back in 1985. Great show. And I was only three rows from the front. My head was full of angry buzzing bees for three days afterward.

  2. Parce qu’il avait la folie..
    Oui c’est la folie.

    In the early days of the ‘net I found the email of Country Joe (Woodstock etc) and wrote him. He wrote a friendly email back quoting Horace, ‘Ira furor brevis est’ – ‘Anger is a brief madness’.

    (I was actually a fan of his ‘Electric Music for the Mind and Body’ before the Woodstock kerfuffle).

    • I find Hugh’s style in madness rather similar to my own.

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