Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 29, 2022

And now, if you’ll excuse me…

I’ll be back somewhere around the end of July. If all goes well, I’ll have a review of this year’s Revelation Film Festival to share. Plus new additions to my From Page To Screen series.

To leave you all on a happy note, here’s some pictures of Gina Elise at the beach. First day of summer is approaching for the northern hemisphere; for me winter begins on June 1.

Not that I’m noticing it right now.

Plaits? Mountains? I’m not sure how this Heidi moment snuck in, but whatever.

Doug Stidham created this from the cover pic of the third Pin Ups For Vets calendar.

Okay, that’s it. I’m out of here.


  1. You leaving for a bit ? I like The Prisoner reference, and the girl too. I just wrote a new entry about the movies, hope you can read it.

  2. Hey! I didn’t read your post, but I just wanted to say that God loves you with all his heart. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son so that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” That literally means that anyone can go to heaven just as long as they believe in Jesus, so believe and live your life. Remember this, God loves you!

  3. I love your sense of humour mate 🤓😅 great post. PEACE & TRUTH ✨

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