Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 29, 2022

This is jazz?

Mystery Man, by Terje Rypdal. Featured on the soundtrack of Heat (1995).


  1. Interesting guitar player , I have some of his music . Not traditional jazz , maybe fusion . I didn’t know he was on the Heat soundtrack , I love that movie .

    • I wore out my Heat soundtrack cassette, so far the CD replacement is holding up much better!
      Heat is a great movie. Getting close to its 30 year anniversary but still as watchable as ever.

      • I’m always up for a bank robber movie and it’s one of the best . Gun writers consider the weapons handling by the cast to be extremely accurate to real life . I’m trying to set up my profile on here , might be nice to have another outlet .

  2. Heat was a memorable movie. Loved the scene where De Niro and Pacino meet up for coffee.

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