Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 20, 2022

Melbourne as it used to be.

Long time fans of this blog may recall my own photos of ye olde home towne, taken on my first trip back in 1992 after moving to Perth in 1990.

A few years ago I stumbled across a far better collection of photos, taken of Melbourne during the late 1950s by Fred Mitchell. I thought ‘Wow, that’s worth a blog post!’, bookmarked it, and forgot it.

Here’s Fred, still going, interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald.

And here are his photos of Melbourne. Damn, the place looks so cosmopolitan. Especially without the cops and their pepper spray.

NB: Fred’s work is available for your lounge room wall via Redbubble. Link at the top of the second item.


  1. Wonderful photos! How I’d like to buy a pack of Cravens and head over to the bar (wearing my fedora, of course).

  2. One of the pics under the Melbourne photos shows a street scene, with a milkman in a brown jacket (left side of picture). Check out the dude in the fedora and green double-breasted suit in the center of the photo (enlarge it, if you can for a better view): that looks exactly like me on a typical workday in D.C., walking toward my building. I even had a suit about that color, maybe a little more olive drab.

    • I can’t enlarge the pic, but I can see the well-dressed gent you’re referring to. Would you have carried a briefcase, or possibly an S&W under the coat?

  3. Briefcase, yes; S&W…I don’t recall.

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