Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 26, 2022

She’s mad as hell, and… I think you know the rest.

There’s a mention of Heidi Bonds at the end of the trailer. Mad Heidi was funded not through Kickstarter donations but by investments.

MAD INVEST is a revolutionary new concept that enables fans to directly and transparently share in the revenue generated by the MAD HEIDI film.

This model does have its limitations. I’ve thrown in $10 or $20 for the odd good cause; the minimum purchase for Heidi bonds was CHF 500 CHF. That’s about AU$750. Not exactly loose change. But the page linked above lays out the whole process of financing and distribution. If it catches on, Hollywood will be able to take a rest from banging nails into its own coffin.

The film makers got very close to their maximum target of CHF 2M. It can be assumed therefore that there are people with large piles of idle cash who were just waiting for a movie about “a dystopian Switzerland that has fallen under the fascist rule of a cheese magnate”.

Who knew?

Mad Heidi will be available for festivals. It would fit right in on a Revelation programme!

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