Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 5, 2022

Hey! There’s a BLOKE in among the pin ups!

Why isn’t it me?

If you’re a Gina Elise fan but you don’t have wall space for a calendar, consider the latest arrival on the shelves in the Pin Ups For Vets shop.

The 54 lovely ladies featured in this deck belong to a very unique ♣️ CLUB ♣️! They each have served our Country in the military and have also stepped up as Pin-Ups For Vets Ambassadors to volunteer their time to support our nonprofit in its mission to improve the quality of life for our Veterans and Troops! These women show compassion in their ❤️ HEARTS ❤️ on our VA Hospital Tour. Their smiles brighten up hospital rooms like ♦️ DIAMONDS ♦️ when they greet the Veteran patients. Our luck grew in ♠️ SPADES ♠️ as we welcomed USMC Gulf War Veteran, Doug Stidham, whose exceptional talent in photography and design created the artful images in this deck.

You can tell when Gina does the copywriting…

Pin Up #1 features as a double bonus in the pack!

They’re selling fast! Buy today!

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