Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 26, 2022

Australia Day Funnies: Making McFun of McClown.

Ridicule is man’s most potent weaponSaul Alinsky.

Not saying anything this year about our heritage, our flag, Invasion Day – that will all be covered more than adequately elsewhere. Instead, readers near and far, I present to you a selection of the finest McClown McMockery on the internet. And please, if you’ve something to share, post it in the comments!

Opening with the question that everyone on this side of the border is asking.

Well, he is the biggest one around.

Or is he? Fact checkers of the online world, here’s your next assignment!

I can’t ignore Masky Mark’s own comedic talents. Yeah, again… the clip that made the world stop and laugh.

One of the commenters at Youtube declares that Springtime For Hitler has nothing on this! High praise. Too high perhaps. After all, Masky wasn’t singing and dancing. His message might have been more warmly received by the target audience if he had.

Or maybe not.

It can’t be denied that The High Pontiff of The Western Lands has his defenders. HE SAVED US! they say. Errr…. like he saved health care?

Fixing things isn’t really Masky Mark’s forte. He’s more of a face the cameras and look serious type. Pretty fucking useless, in other words. But full of great ideas!

Even the other states are getting in on the McTaunting!

Happy 26th to all, wherever you are. Don’t throw away those travel brochures; don’t delete the photos your sister in law sent you. Australia will be open for business again one day soon.

And remember: pandemics come and go. But true love never dies.


  1. But we going back to the old joke about Australia “Everyone knows where it is but no one wants to go there”

    • Was that all of Australia? I thought that was only Broadmeadows.

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