Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 23, 2022

Lockdownunder Update: From Disbelief to Anger.

Personally, I’m still lingering in disbelief.

I don’t know what the hell is going on over here. But the daily fishwrap has suddenly rediscovered its balls.

Front pages of The West Australian Thursday (prior to the announcement), Friday, and Saturday.

Even the Sunday paper is on the team.

When the MSM that’s been kissing your arse starts kicking it, comprehensively and in unison, you might be a politician in trouble.

Discontent has been widespread in the twitterverse.

And then there’s this.

Where indeed has the cash gone? Two years since the covid circus arrived in town. Millions, tens of millions, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS FROM CANBERRA AND STILL McCLOWN SAYS THAT WESTERN AUSTRALIA ISN’T READY TO REJOIN THE WORLD.

Maybe fat bribes to lure doctors out to the rural zones aren’t the best reason to drain the piggy bank. Just my theory.

Let’s look at that Masky pic from yesterday’s rally in Perth again.

Judging from previous rallies I estimate attendance numbers at 50-55,000. No particular age demographic dominant – on second thought, there seemed to be more in the 65 and older bracket than I remember at previous rallies.

I would have been surprised to see anyone I work with there, but they represent the people that McClown has alienated most with Thursday’s announcement. I work in an office, but I made the transition from warehousing/retail only seven years ago. I’ve worked in several industries from bookselling to mining. I’ve been around. My work colleagues are straight up the ladder types. Most of them went from school to university. They’ve got their tertiary qualifications; they’re committed to continuous professional development. They’re the Agreeable Centre people who believe in the system.

They follow society’s guiding hand because it’s rewarded them in the past. When Masky said jab one, they lined up for jab one. And jab two. Few, I suspect, had fears of the Dreaded C. They wanted to be able to travel. Some have already gone the triple, I’m sure. And Friday morning, they were pissed. They’d been good boys and girls and all it had got them was a full-on shafting.

In fact, it was the first time for a few months that the vax had been discussed openly around the office. And the first time that there was any negative sentiment voiced. The George Clooney ‘ahead of the curve’ types were happy to talk about getting their shot last year. One of this group had a poster near her desk titled something like ‘How they developed the vaccines so quickly.’ The story, in comic strip panels, showed questions from the vax reluctant being answered by their vaxxed up – and therefore, by definition, more aware – friends.

And everyone wearing masks. Fucking masks in a cartoon. Spare me.

As of last week, that condescending piece of propaganda art has disappeared.

Initial reports attribute its vanishing to ‘expired narrative’.


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