Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 22, 2022

When history doesn’t repeat.

Did you know that those ancient statues of Roman generals and emperors were originally painted? Over the centuries the paint washed away and left us the bare stone images to contemplate.
I always liked the blank eyes of those statues. It seemed to me that they were contemplating infinity.
Funny though, the same empty eyed look turns this pair into soulless drones. From today’s protest in Perth.


  1. Good point, yes the empty eyes of Roman statues are uncanny. Maybe comparable to our leaders in emptiness of earthly power. Notice how leaders now talk of applying ‘brakes’ and pulling ‘levers’ as if they stand astride history like captains of destiny?

    People don’t even think of Augustus now – no one’s made a movie about him – yet he was the most powerful man in his day, with the grandest statues!

    • Bruce, I’d guess you’re acquainted with Will Durant? I’m finally reading Caesar and Christ, five years after someone recommended it. I haven’t read much about that time except for the Claudius books by Robert Graves, Seems Robert did a bit of embellishing on the facts.

  2. I’m a PhD dropout – it wasn’t worth the effort after my conservative tendencies clashed with my appointed supervisor in the 1990s. Just glancing at quotes of Durant online I’m not impressed – grandiose generalisations from a Wilsonian progressive type of angle – He rants against the British Empire in India for example. My undergraduate supervisor was Robert W Stern (‘Democracy and Dictatorship in South Asia’), an American who is very favourable to the British legacy.

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